23 May 2021

Congo-Kinshasa: The BBC article mainly shows pictures of destruction in the city of Goma (2 million inhabitants) and people in flight. After reaching some of the city's suburbs and the airport to the east, the flow of lava resulting from Mount Nyiragongo’s eruption is now said to have stopped.

Covid vaccination in Africa: An interactive map showing Vaccines in use + Total vaccinations. Updated daily.

21 May 2021

South Africa’s immigrants of a few centuries ago: The article is by two geneticists. “Afrikaners predominantly stem from Dutch, French and German immigrants who settled in the Cape, in South Africa, during the second half of the 17th century and the first half of the 18th.” The genetic contributions of southern Bantu-speakers were very limited, the contributions of later European immigrants, from slaves (mostly from West Africa and India) and the Khoe-San have proven significant but relatively small. “98.7% of the Afrikaners (a)re admixed.” And “though only 1.3% of Afrikaner genes came from the Khoe-San, most Afrikaners contained some Khoe-San genes.” Astonishing for people who are known, in the 20th century, for instituting apartheid – “racial” separation.

South Africa’s water maps: Two years ago, a map of southern African rivers went rival and interest has never ceased since. This map and the greater understanding for interconnectedness it generates could help in creating support for the conservation of river systems. The author has also created a new version of the map (provided in the article) indicating which of the rivers are perennial and which aren’t.

Nigeria: Biodiversity is not much appreciated or promoted in Nigeria; poaching is often not seen as a crime. The article’s author has interviewed 1,124 Nigerians to show the low level of awareness and, at the end of the article, makes some recommendations what should be done to further biodiversity in Nigeria.

Burkina Faso: After the Japanese-Burkinabè opera’s première on 23 April at Ouagadougou’s French Institute, here’s a long article about the composer-musician Keiko Fujiie and her three musicians Maboudou Sanou, Boureima Sanou and Ibrahim Dembélé and how they work towards finishing this opera within the next two years.

Congo-Kinshasa: Mount Nyiragongo is about to erupt, “throwing huge lava fountains into the air, red fumes spewing into the night sky.” The government has launched an evacuation plan for the nearby city of Goma (about 10 km away). The volcano’s deadliest eruption, in 1977, killed about 600, its latest, in 2002, killed 250.