31 December 2021

South Africa: Desmond Tutu having been an “eco-warrior”, he wanted to be aquamated, an environmentally friendly alternative which produces only 10% the carbon dioxide that cremation produces. The corpse is heated to 150°C in a potassium hydroxide-water mixture for up to 90 minutes which leaves only the bones which are then rinsed at 120°C, dried and pulverised into a coarse powder. He had also wanted “the cheapest available coffin” with the only flowers to be “a bouquet of carnations from his family”.

30 December 2021

Egypt: Citroën has withdrawn the commercial accused of normalising sexual harassment and apologised to all offended, saying that it understands the negative interpretation a part of their ad. “The country's parliament approved harsher penalties for sexual harassment in July, amending the penal code to make it a felony and increasing the penalty to a minimum of two years in prison instead of six months, alongside a fine of between $6,370 and $12,740.” But the law must also be applied…