11 March 2021

Namibia/beer: A résumé of a book about Namibian beer, from its beginnings in 1900 to the present day. Including the change “from beer as a white Germanophone preserve to the embodiment of the newly independent Namibian nation after 1990”.

Cabo Verde: The country depends heavily on food imports. It has not yet eradicated hunger – 5.3% of its people suffer from food insecurity. Research shows that indigenous beans could help prevent and combat such food insecurity. “We concluded that legumes grown on the island are an excellent, yet relatively inexpensive, source of essential nutrients and minerals. Dry beans are low cost, low fat, low cholesterol and low maintenance – balanced with high macro and micronutrients content, high fibre, high versatility and very long shelf life.”

Rwanda: Tricked or kidnapped? Paul Rusesabagina, hero of the film Hotel Rwanda, says he was kidnapped and his arrest was thus illegal, but the court in Kigali where he is presently being tried for terrorism says he was tricked by his friend Constantin Niyomwungere into coming to Rwanda in a private jet – so the trial must continue. “Mr Niyomwungere said he agreed to co-operate with Rwandan investigators to get a private jet for their trip, after he <believed Rusesabagina should face justice for his soldiers’ deadly attacks>”.
BBC Africa Live 11 March 2021. 11:41

Nature conservation undermined by Covid-19: The collapse in tourism is proving to be a serious threat. “Patrols and anti-poaching operations have been halted or reduced in more than half of Africa's protected areas”. And “growing poverty in communities near parks has seen a rise in poaching for bush meat.”
BBC Africa Live 11 March 2021. 10:15

Sudan: The Janjaweed leader Musa Hilal was granted pardon despite being suspected of atrocities in Darfur. The pardon is part of a peace deal signed last October between the government and rebel groups.
BBC Africa Live 11 March 2021. 17:19

10 March 2021

A tree that stands beside the river understands the language of the fish
BBC Africa Live 10 March 2021. Today's wise words. Sent by Lelinu Bertrand and Marine and Kabirulawal, both from Nigeria

Patent suspension for Covid vaccine? Unlikely. WTO members have started discussing the India-South Africa proposal and 100 developing countries support it – but the rich countries oppose it and are likely to block it.
BBC Africa Live 10 March 2021. 7:41