22 January 2022

Philosophy: Kwasi Wiredu, born on 3rd of October 1931 in Kumasi, Ghana, has died on 6th of January 2022 in the USA aged 90. With Paulin J. Hountondji in Benin, Henry Oruka Odera in Kenya and Peter O. Bodunrin in Nigeria he formed the ‘universalist school of African philosophy’. He called his approach to philosophy “conceptual decolonisation”. A homage.

Boko Haram: How are repentant/deradicalized terrorists perceived by the society they are to be re-integrated into? This is the question that the article sets out to answer. Bizarrely, she has conducted the 24 interviews for her study neither in parts of the country that are particularly touched by Boko Haram (namely Lagos and Plateau states) nor, it seems, with people who have first-hand experience with re-integrated terrorists.
As for the results of the 24 interviews, they show that there is considerable mistrust – concerning the (sincerity of the) repenting of the former terrorists and also the quality of the deradicalization programmes.

21 January 2022

Kenya: Selling scrap metal has been banned in an attempt to put an end to vandalism. This comes a week after a national blackout most likely caused by vandalism of high-voltage lines in Nairobi.
BBC Africa Live 21 January 2022. 14:27

South Africa: Lindiwe Sisulu, the country’s tourism minister, had accused some judges of being “mentally colonized” and had said that the constitution had not improved poor black South African’s lives. After a meeting with Cyril Ramaphosa, the presidency had said that she had “apologized and retracted her ‘hurtful comments’.” But Lindiwe Sisulu denies this – she stands by her statement and has not offered an apology.
BBC Africa Live 21 January 2022. 4:51

Sudan: Al-Burhan has named 15 ministers to a new government. Protesters – more than 70 of whom have been killed since the putsch 3 months ago – will not be calmed. They simply want to be rid of the military in politics.
BBC Africa Live 21 January 2022. 5:34