20 November 2021

Sudan: Journalist Mohanad Hashim had only returned from exile in Britain in August 2020 to work for the Sudan National Broadcasting Corporation (SNBC). The recent putsch happened while he was on leave in Britain and he finds himself blocked there: the “SNBC is once again the mouthpiece of the regime”. And like so many, he feels betrayed by the military, not least because of the “internet blackout, the repression and arrest of journalists, the closure of newspapers and FM stations, the suspension of the BBC's and RFI's local FM relays and the enactment of laws to curb the freedom of anti-coup voices”.

19 November 2021

South Africa: 1871-born Charlotte Makgomo Mannya-Maxeke in 1901 was the first black South African woman to earn a degree. An interesting, very critical appraisal of a new biography of hers – which, so the article’s author convincingly argues, was written at the expense of her women contemporaries: “Making an exception of her risks making her the sole representative of black women who lived at the turn of the century. It erases the stories of other women who lived and built organisations alongside her.”

Sudan: After a month of suspension, internet services have been (partially) restored. Already on 9th of November, a court had ordered the restoration of internet, but to no effect.
BBC Africa Live 19 November 2021. 5:25

Burundi: After six years, the US have lifted sanctions. Despite ongoing human rights violations and abuses, the US thereby honours “the progress made by President Ndayishimiye on addressing trafficking in persons, economic reforms, and combating corruption and encourage continued progress”.
BBC Africa Live 19 November 2021. 4:37

Military expenditure against terrorism: To fight terrorism, military expenditure will be increased (e.g. in Nigeria by 36% between 2009 and 2018). This mitigates the negative effects of terrorism on the economy. The author claims to have found this from research into 24 African countries touched by terrorism concerning the period 2001 to 2018. But he explains his results very badly.

Congo-Kinshasa: According to revelations made by BBC’s Africa Eye, millions of USD have been transferred to bank accounts of family and friends of Joseph Kabila while the latter was in power before huge sums were taken out in cash.

Fish: Exploitation of marine resources needs to be curbed to make Africa’s blue economies sustainable, especially with respect to large-scale industrial operators. “Mauritania, Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Guinea and Sierra Leone alone lose US$2.3 billion annually to illegal fishing.” Something needs to be done about that urgently.

eSwatini: The brutal reaction to protests against the king have had 46 people killed and many injured. There has been no progress since. SADC has failed in its attempts at mediation. The national dialogue announced by the king is most unlikely to lead to anything, seen that the king fails to consider his subjects as rights-holders.