11 October 2021

South Africa & teenage pregnancies: Focussing on reproductive justice would be better than trying to prevent early reproduction. The right not to have a child: information about abortion – girls do not need their parents’ consent – is not easily available; also, access to contraception – girls do not need their parents’ consent – is often difficult; sexual violence and sexual coercion abounds at school; the comprehensive sexuality education on offer in schools is often unhelpful (as are teachers), does not address the youths’ real context. The right to have a child: “Teenage mothers are seen as ‘illegitimate’ reproductive subjects” – even if the reasons given (obstetric complications, curtailed career prospects, etc.) held and there is some doubt about that, this is unhelpful; with teenage pregnancies to be “prevented at all costs means that they don’t get the healthcare they need”, partly because they hesitate to turn to professionals, being reluctant to face reprobation of antenatal clinic staff. The right to be a parent in a safe and healthy environment: Teenage pregnancies happen more in poor contexts often lacking other perspectives, so childbearing may offer a meaningful perspective; stigma and social pressure make many pregnant learners leave school: “Few arrangements to cover maternity leave, arrange on-site childcare, and enable breastfeeding are ever made.”

Uganda: Treason charges dating back to 2016 have been dropped against Kizza Besigye who, before Bobi Wine, used to be Museveni’s main political rival and has contested four presidential elections.
BBC Africa Live 11 October 2021. 10:18

Ethiopia: According to the TPLF, federal troops plus their allies “have launched coordinated attacks on all fronts”, using drones, fighter jets, tanks and heavy artillery.
BBC Africa Live 11 October 2021. 11:18

Somalia: After 14 years of presence of its troops in the country, the African Union “wants to extend and expand its military operation” there. The government and the UN yet need to endorse the plan. In future, Ethiopian and Kenyan contributions to the AU force may have to be at least partly replaced by those from other countries.
BBC Africa Live 11 October 2021. 12:53

Mozambique: Mariano Nhongo, leader of a Renamo breakaway faction, has been killed in his forest hide-out in Sofala province in a battle with government troops.
BBC Africa Live 11 October 2021. 15:42

10 October 2021

Mali: A Colombian nun, taken hostage in 2017 in Koutiala close to the Burkinabè border, has been freed and seems to be in good health. It is not known whether a ransom was paid. At least 935 people have been abducted in Mali since 2017. The government says efforts are under way to get all those still being held released.

Congo-Kinshasa: Islamists are reported to have kidnapped farmers in the Beni area in North Kivu and occupied a church. “The militants have been active in the forests of Mutweyi and Kalalangwe in the past month, invading villages.” People have fled.
BBC Africa 10 October 2021. 11:23