28 August 2021

Missionaries’ education: To this day, “educational outcomes are generally better in places that were exposed to Christian missions in the colonial era”. But polygamous societies benefitted less – polygamy in the missionaries’ eyes being “one of the gross evils of heathen society which, like habitual murder or slavery, must at all costs be ended”. Often, polygamists had to divorce before their children could enrol – which they often chose not to do, despite the advantages that schools promised for their children (speak/write the colonisers’ language, opportunities like prestigious jobs in colonial administrations and European enterprises).

Mali: The European Union has been training the Malian army (FAMa) for years, but makes absolutely no effort to monitor the trained soldiers – and FAMa is know to commit atrocities on civilians. It “is accused of killing more civilians last year than the jihadist insurgents it is supposed to be battling”.

27 August 2021

Mali: Ex-Prime Minister Boubèye Maïga has been arrested because of his alleged implication in a corruption affair around the purchase of the presidential plane, thought to have been overpriced when bought at USD40m.
BBC Africa Live 27 August 2021. 7:27

Zambia: Situmbeko Musokotwane has been named finance minister by new President Hakainde Hichilema. The 65 year-old, who has already been Finance minister 2008-11, has worked for IMF and World Bank – which should prove a good basis for talking to the people Zambia owes money to.
BBC Africa Live 27 August 2021. 16:36

Mozambique: Not sure ex-finance minister Manuel Chang will be extradited after all – challenged by the Mozambique Budget Monitoring Forum (FMO), “a group of civil society organisations” which thinks that “he will not face proper justice at home”, the extradition has been suspended and the hearing challenging it postponed to the 17th of September.
BBC Africa Live 27 August 2021. 15:37

Algeria/Morocco: Algeria will not renew the gas-supply agreement under which it supplies Morocco with 900,000m3 a year of natural gas – the contract expires in October.
BBC Africa Live 27 August 2021. 13:13

Nigeria: The rest of the students who had been kidnapped from an Islamic school in the town of Tegina in Niger State in western Nigeria have been freed after school and parents “paid more money and even bought motorcycles” for the kidnappers. Before that, “(p)arents and school administrators had sold possessions and part of the school's land to pay the ransom. But (the kidnappers had) later said they wanted more money”.

Uganda: In the early 1940s, Uganda hosted Polish refugees who fled from Nazi-occupation, in the 1950s Sudanese refugees fleeing civil war. It “has hosted significant numbers of refugees ever since”. Today’s 1.5 million refugees living in Uganda make it the top refugee-hosting country in Africa. And it is renowned for “being progressive on refugee issues” – refugees have the right to work, freedom of movement and the right to the same social services as Ugandans (incl. health and education). Yet many refugees still struggle. This is partly due to their refugee status not being officially recognized. But the most important lack is that of land – refugees’ main source of income being agriculture and they do get plots of land, but often not enough: “liberal refugee policies (…) must be backed with adequate resources”. Yet “donor funds have not often matched the praise” of Uganda’s refugee policies.

Gambia: Flights bringing migrants deported from the EU have been formally blocked as “large numbers of returning migrants would cause ‘social upheaval’”. According to the IOM, overseas remittances of around 118,000 Gambians amount to more than 20% of GDP.
BBC Africa Live 27 August 2021. 20:03