Bibliography (2019-21)

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Where Upright Women Dwell (in the original: Au pays des femmes intègres), Ouagadougou (CEPRODIF) 2020

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Africa’s Women “25 Years after Beijing“: Rekindling the Fire, Vienna (International – Im Fokus 01/2021) January 2021; download on

The Sahel in Distress. Who Loses and who Benefits, Vienna (International – Im Fokus 01/2020) July 2020; available also for download at



European Security Politics in Mali, Fritz Edlinger interviews Günther Lanier on skype 35’36’’, International YouTube-channel no. 52, Vienna 14.7.2020,



All RadioAfrikaTV-articles since 30/1/2019 are listed chronologically and are linked on the Solidarwerkstatt site under

The Poetry of Waning. Or: Kolmanskop, Open by Appointment Only, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 17/2/2021,

Rural Exodus revisited. Or: Don’t They Want to Go to the City After All? Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 10/2/2021,

To Rule a Continent. Events and Non-Events around AfCFTA, the African Continental Free Trade Area, in: International I-2021 pp.49-54, Vienna (International) Feb. 2021

Colonial Ethnicization in the Eastern Congo, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 3/2/2021,

Five Arias en Route to an Opera. Japanese-Burkinabè Cooperation, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 27/1/2021,

Protecting Lions, Lionesses, Elephants and Other Animals from Humans, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 20/1/2021,

Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 13/1/2021,

To Rule a Continent. Events and Non-Events around AfCFTA, the African Continental Free Trade Area, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 6/1/2021,

(with Petra Radeschnig) Fighting for the Integrity of the Vulva, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 30/12/2020,

Female Genital Cutting. Correcting Women’s External Sexual Organs, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 23/12/2020,

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Djenné’s Cooked Earth Abroad. The Looting of Art Objects: The Example of Mali, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 9/12/2020,

Right After the French Conquest: Photographs from Ouagadougou 1897/98 (part 1 of 2), Karlsruhe (Burkina Info 2-2020) December 2020

Life Behind Masks. Harouna Marané in Ouagadougou, When “The Illness“ Still Scared People, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 2/12/2020,

Nip them in the Bud! What to do about East African Desert Locusts? Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 25/11/2020,

Listen, Compatriots! Celebrating the Centenary of Nontsizi Mgqwetho’s Poetic Coming-Out, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 18/11/2020,

In the Part of the Country that Maputo Forgot: Al Shabaab Number 2, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 11/11/2020,

(with Petra Radeschnig) Fighting for the Integrity of the Vulva, in: International V-2020 pp.38-41, Vienna (International) Nov. 2020

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Travelling in a Sahel Beyond the Usual. Koro. Dafra. Kou, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 4/11/2020,

High Water and Other Afflictions. Ideal Conditions for Trump’s Blackmailing of Sudan, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 28/10/2020,

Ethiopia’s Rebirth from a Dam on the Nile, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 21/10/2020,

Creating Borders. Flouting Borders, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 14/10/2020,

Almost 125 Years Ago: The Tale of the Hunter, not His Prey’s Tale, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 7/10/2020,

The Unhealthy Relationship of the European Union with Africa. A German Foreign Policy Article, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 30/9/2020,

Pre-Trial Imprisonment in Africa. A Misuse of Colonial Legacy? Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 23/9/2020,

125 Years Ago: Emile-Louis Abbat in Sokolo, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 16/9/2020,

Showdown on the Nile, in: International IV-2020 pp.52-55, Vienna (International) Sept. 2020

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Mandlenkosi Makhoba, A Working and a Trade Union Man in South Africa, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 9/9/2020,

Source of or Protection from Danger. Thoughts about the Military in Africa, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 2/9/2020,

Trust and Mistrust in Politics, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 1/9/2020 (written on 26/8/2020),

An Entrepreneurial Handling of Power, in: International III-2020 pp.38-41, Vienna (International) Aug. 2020

Bamako Faced with a Political Overhaul, in: International III-2020 pp.42-45, Vienna (International) Aug. 2020

Climate Change and Cultural Heritage, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 19/8/2020,

Alice Lenshina Mulenga and the Lumpa Women, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 12/8/2020,

In a Chokehold. Little Room for Criticism, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 5/8/2020,

The Siddi. Black Indians of African Descent, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 29/7/2020,

By No Means on a Par! Yaoundé vs. Ambazonia, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 22/7/2020,

The President’s Children Spend What is Saved on the People’s Behalf, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 15-16/72020,

“...the Big Danger of Military Interventions: That They Add to Violence Rather than Eliminate it...“ France’s Post- or Neo-colonial Praxis in Sub-Saharan Africa in this Regard, Vienna (International-Newsletter 53/2020) 13/7/2020

France’s Post- or Neo-colonial Military Interventions in Africa, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 8/7/2020,

Religion in Power. A Way Out? Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 1/7/2020,

The Ever Frustrated Longing for Meat, Karlsruhe (Burkina Info 1-2020), June 2020

A Long History & “Art“ at the Highest Level: Benin-City, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 24/6/2020,

After the Chameleon 2 Bankers and 1 Entrepreneur. Benin’s Democracy on the Brink, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 17/6/2020,

Stories from Ouidah and Dahomey, Today’s Benin. Of Afro-Brazilians, Ritual King Brides and False Amazons, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 17/6/2020 (written on 10/6/2020),

The Fragility of African States. The Latest Ranking of the Fund for Peace, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 15/6/2020 (written on 3/6/2020[1]),

The Conquest of Order. Doctor Welwitsch, Drawn by the Big Wide World Called, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 15/6/2020 (written 27/5/2020),

Nature’s Conservation versus the Inhabitants. Another Kind of Arms Build-up, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 15/6/2020 (written 20/5/2020),

Separation of Worlds also in Pesticides. The Lucrative Business of Poison, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 15/6/2020 (written 13/5/2020),

Progress à la Lesotho. From Labour to Water Reserve, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 15/6/2020 (written 6/5/2020),

R(u)wenzori. Glacier at the Equator, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 15/6/2020 (written 29/4/2020),

Bayer & Co: The Rewarding Business of Poison, Linz (Solidarwerkstatt) 25/5/2020,

Maravi – Nyasaland – Malawi. Afrika’s Warm Heart, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 23/4/2020,

Xolobeni. Game, Set and Hopefully Match: Amadiba Community! Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 15/4/2020,

Beyond Lockdowns. Solutions for Public Health & the Economy. Short Introduction, then article republished from The Conversation, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 10/4/2020,

Niansogoni. Burkina’s Rock Wall Village, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 8/4/2020,

Congo Water to Money. The Transubstantiation that will not Succeed, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 1/4/2020,

Stellar Resistance. Feminism against Injustice and Authoritarianism, beyond all Taboos, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 25/3/2020,

Dissonances in Sesshinless Times. State-Prescribed Singularisation in a State of Siege, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 18/3/2020,

The Governors’ Palace Now Serves Culture. Architectural Recycling as a Ray of Sunshine in Political Wastelands, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 11/3/2020,

Over-indebted. Or just wrongly indebted? Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 4/3/2020,

Queen Ngalifourou. For the Sake of Peace, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 26/2/2020,

Nam Yimi. Forget Power, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 19/2/2020,

Little Meat for Carnivores. How Much and What We Eat – a Comparison, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 12/2/2020,

Land Use, Food Security, Migration. Two of Burkina Faso’s Provinces Tell of Soil and Water Conservation, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 5/2/2020,

Honouring Black Women. Tim Okamura’s Pictures Mirrored in Maya Angelou’s and Lucille Clifton’s Poetry, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 29/1/2020,

Health for All. The Fairytale is Unlikely to Come True, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 22/1/2020,

Showing the Way. Religion, Light and Science for the (once again) Free, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 15/1/2020,

Free Town. The Promised Land, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 8/1/2020,

“Let Us Wipe Out Resignation!“ Venerated as a Writer, Forgotten as Unionist and Politician, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 1/1/2020,

Ndébélé - Tiébélé. Women Make Art, Karlsruhe (Burkina Info 2-2019) December 2019

Poetry. Making Frontiers Permeable, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 25/12/2019,

The Economics of Terrorism in the Sahel. Focus on the Gourma-Liptako Region, Linz (Solidarwerkstatt) 23/12/2019,, as well as Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 18/12/2019,

Not Only in Old Location. Music and Resistance in Namibia from 1950 to 1990, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 11/12/2019,

Blue Blood Forgery in Stone. The Amarna-Princess, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 4/12/2019,

Violence against Women. Violence against Girls, Linz (Solidarwerkstatt) 2/12/2019,, as well as Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 27/11/2019,

Animals. The Liveliest Part of the Environment, Vienna(Radio Afrika TV) 20/11/2019,

Art in Times of Terrorism. BISO 2019, Ouagadougou’s International Biennial of Sculpture, Linz (Solidarwerkstatt) 24/11/2019,, as well as Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 13/11/2019,

Where We are From. Longing for Origins, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 6/11/2019,

The Neocolonialist. Encircling Paradise, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 30/10/2019,

Unknown Nowhere. A Saharan Mélange, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 23/10/2019,

Pauperising Growth. Survival Happens Elsewhere, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 22/10/2019 (written on 16/10/2019),

Bozar washes cleaner. Art and Kleptocracy, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 22/10/2019 (written on 9/10/2019),

Equatorial Guinea. At the Dictator’s, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 2/10/2019,

Maji Maji. “Don’t Start Talking Peace with Blacks, They Need a Strong Hand“, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 25/9/2019,

Snail Shells from the Maldives. When Trading Money Made Europa Rich, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 18/9/2019,

The “Revenge“ of the Neglected. Murder of Women and Foreigners, Elsewhere Terror. Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 11/9/2019,

Hercules Pillar in the Shadow. Where the World once Ended and where for Others it Now Starts: Ceuta, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 4/9/2019,

Ndébélé - Tiébélé. Women Make Art, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 28/8/2019,

 (More) Unequal West Africa. Differences Grow along with the Economy, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 21/8/2019,

The Landscapes’ Yield. Katanga at the Salzburg Summer Academy, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 14/8/2019,

The Volta-Bani-War, Founding Act of a Country of the Future. Burkina Libre, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 7/8/2019,

In Power. Africa’s First, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 31/7/2019,

Bridles for the Insubordinate. Let Them Bear Children till They Die! Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 24/7/2019,

How Best to Endanger Women. Africa, the Mexico City Policy & Republican US-Presidents, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 17/7/2019,

Is it Really Love that Makes You Hurt Me? Women Beware of Your Partners! Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 10/7/2019,

Islam & Political Power. Victory in Mali – Rout in Egypt, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 3/7/2019,

Modern versus Traditional Law. The Songlines Outgrown, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 26/6/2019,

Under General Suspicion. The Strangers in Our Interior, Karlsruhe (Burkina Info 1-2019) June 2019

Burkina Deserves More Fervour. Read for DBFG: Ernst Harsch, Burkina Faso. A History of Power, Protest, and Revolution, Karlsruhe (Burkina Info 1-2019) June 2019

Entasekera. Far from the Mountains of Tyrol, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 19/6/2019,

Unenslaved, Freed, Discovered. Who’s Interested in Africa? Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 10/6/2019,

“Africa“ on Tour in Austria. “ Excursions at the World System’s Margins“, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 5/6/2019,

Africa. Excursions in the World System’s Borderlands, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 29/5/2019,

Carroty Treasures from Far Away. Import-Export of Yesteryears, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 22/5/2019,

Somewhat Heavier Than Bad Air. Sweet Wormwood Provides Redress, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 15/5/2019,

Why Don’t You Just Leave Us Alone! Open Lettre to the EU-Warmonger No.1, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 8/5/2019,

Turning the Tables. Egypto-Ugandan Water in England’s Heartland, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 1/5/2019,

On the Verge of Blossoming. Algeria as Seen by an FLN Veteran and Dissident, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 24/4/2019,

The Showcase Democracy’s Underbelly. Is Ghana’s Reputation at Risk? Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 17/4/2019,

More than Art. Proverbs as Signposts and Indicators, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 10/4/2019,

Threatened by Humans. Or Rather by Their Economy, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 3/4/2019,

Under General Suspicion. The Strangers in Our Interior, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 27/3/2019,

Making Our Dreams Come True? Mammon will Bring Us Back to Earth, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 20/3/2019,

Take Pity on Abdelaziz! Or: Stephen Hawking for Algerian President! Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 13/3/2019,

Better than a Thousand Words. Enduring, Comprehensive Injustices between the Sexes, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 6/3/2019,

For FESPACO’s 50th Birthday. Forget Cannes and its Pomp, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 27/2/2019,

Unbridled Nature. Take a Walk on Africa’s Wild Side, Honey, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 20/2/2019,

Tricontinental. Poetry from the Left, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV), 13/2/2019,

Not Austrians. Ostriches! Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 6/2/2019,

The Weapons of the Clouds. Electrometeors in Africa. Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 30/1/2019,

Rid of Servitude. Bona, Starting Point and Centre of the Volta-Bani War of Liberation, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 23/1/2019,

Water that Flows Uphill. Africa Subsidises the World, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 16/1/2019,

Each Death from Hunger a Murder. Stunting, Wasting, Undernourishment and Obesity, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 9/1/2019,

Niger and its North. A Sacrifice to the European Union, out of Love? Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 2/1/2019,


[1] The Radio Africa TV website was out of order from end of April through mid-June 2020.