Bibliography (1997-2018)

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Medusa’s Laughter. Panafrican Spearhead of Yore, Weaving in Silence Since, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 26/12/2018,

Nazarenes. Being a Stranger as Privilege, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 19/12/2018,

The Little Power of the Powerless. Rules that everyone can invoke, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 12/12/2018,

Yacouba Sawadogo. Uprooting the Impossible, Deutsch-Burkinische Freundschaftsgesellschaft, Burkina Info 2-2018, Karlsruhe, December 2018

Time to Tell Our Stories Ourselves, Deutsch-Burkinische Freundschaftsgesellschaft, Burkina Info 2-2018, Karlsruhe, December 2018

Tacit Success. But do Diamonds Make Happy? Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 5/12/2018,

She started from Bangwa. A Cameroonian Conquers the World, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 28/11/2018 – update 20/12/2018,

Mozambique once again Fights Back. Local Farmers against Land Grabbing, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 21/11/2018,

State failure. Where Violence Pays: Somalia, South Sudan et al., Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 14/11/2018,

This Side of Vanilla, Lemurs and Sapphires. The Great Island is Looking for its Helmsman, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 7/11/2018,

Europeans Colonial Masters Stimulated Sorcery. Sierra Leone’s Production of Slaves, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 31/10/2018,

The Chagos Archipelago. Postcolonial Machinations in a World of Yesterday, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 24/10/2018,

Celebrate when you can. Cultural Potpourri. Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 17/10/2018,

With Growing Concern. Open Letter into the Heart of Darkness, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 10/10/2018,

Who’s Africa’s Best? And Who’s the Most Beautiful of the Whole Continent? Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 3/10/2018,

Yacouba Sawadogo. Uprooting the Impossible, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 26/9/2018,

Kurukan Fuga. Birth of a Giant Empire, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 19/9/2018,

Raped? Off to prison! Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 12/9/2018,

The Eye of the Sahara. Far from Nouakchott, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 5/9/2018,

Subjecting the World to the Reign of Scarcity. Poverty as a Project of Colonialism and  Globalised Capitalism, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 29/8/2018,

State Capture. If Jacob Zuma could Seize the State, so can George Weah, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 22/8/2018,

Samir Amin and the Autumn of Neoliberalism. Political Power Grows Out of a Barrel of Word, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 15/8/2018,

Discourse Appropriation. Time to Tell Our (Her & His)Stories ourselves, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 8/8/2018,

Seven Years After. Tunisia Needs a Revolution, the Jasmine Uprising was Not Enough, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 1/8/2018,

At the Mercy of Geopolitics? How Much Room is there, when a few Men Play at Ruling the World? Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 25/7/2018,

The Voices, or rather Pictures from Tunis, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 17/7/2018,

RIP/Requiescat in pace. Life’s Discord, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 11/7/2018,

The Fortress Needs Camps. Human Rights a Thing of the Past, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 3/7/2018,

Economists Often Reckon Without Women. Inclusivity: You Must Be Joking! Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 27/6/2018,

Interregnum, Coup Attempt, Discrimination of Women. New Publications on Burkina, Deutsch-Burkinische Freundschaftsgesellschaft, Burkina Info 1-2018, Karlsruhe, June 2018

Handicap Adancing. HandiTalent IV Did Not Exclude the Non-Handicapped (updated article of 30th of May 2018 translated into French), Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 22/6/2018,

Success by Means of a Quota? In Senegalese Politics, Women are Moving Ahead, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 20/6/2018,

Breaking the Gaze. Photographs against Prejudice, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 12/6/2018,

Rebels, and Maybe Tomorrow’s Elite. May 68 – May 18. Does History Repeat Itself? Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 6/6/2018,

And gee, they sure can dance! HandiTalent IV Does Not Exclude the Non-Handicapped, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 30/5/2018,

Of the Forces of Circumstances. Economic Ideologies in Africa et al., Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 16/5/2018,

Of Old Men and Elections. Democracies in Africa (et al.), Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 16/5/2018,

Burkina Faso’s Eternal Strangers. Each Burkinabè Woman Laughing is a Triumph over Patriarchy, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 9/5/2018,

Dirty Laundry Sometimes Needs to be Washed in Public. Intra-family violence is primarily directed against women and children, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 2/5/2018,

Ex-, Neo-, Recolonisation. Burkina Faso, France, Africa, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 25/4/2018,

What’s left of the Popular Uprising. Burkina Faso in Spring 2018, Three and a Half Years After. Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 18/4/2018,

Land of the Upright. Austria This Week &Germany Next: Presentations of my Book on Burkina Faso, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 11/4/2018,

My Book on Burkina Faso. Presentations in Austria Next Week, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 4/4/2018,

Majesties: Court Them, Insult Them, Get Rid of Them, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 28/3/2018,

The Freedom of the Big. Business without Barriers, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 21/3/2018,

The Militarisation of the Sahel. Africa is once again part of the extended European sphere of influence, is seen as part ‘their domain’ by Paris, Berlin and Brussels, Linz (Werkstatt-Blatt 1/2018) March 2018

Change! So that Everything Stays the Same, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 14/3/2018,

1 out of 365. On This Side of Gender, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 7/3/2018,

How Much May Power Cost? Human Sacrifice in Postmodern Times, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 28/2/2018,

Neglecting Women. An OECD-Study on Discrimination, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 21/2/2018,

If the Post(wo)man is a Herero, then Germany is not at Home, in: Werkstatt-Rundbrief No.3/2018, Linz (Solidarwerkstatt), 20/2/2018 and on

Rainbow Nations in historical Dar Fur and Sudan. Let’s forget ethnicity! Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 14/2/2018,

A Sports Teacher Whom Power Won’t Let Go; or How to Wreck Your Country. Bujumbura live, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 7/2/2018,

We See what We Know. Council Democracy, more than Kingdom, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 31/1/2018,

If the Post(wo)man is a Herero, then Germany is not at Home. Germany’s War against Herero and Nama, revisited, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 24/1/2018,

Africa/Militarisation: Arms Business and Arms Buildup, in: Werkstatt-Rundbrief No.1/2018, Linz (Solidarwerkstatt) 24/1/2018 and on

Upside Down Worlds in Luanda, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 17/1/2018,

School versus Life, or Art for Art’s Sake, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 10/1/2018,

Roman re-engagement with old practices (Wiederbetätigung)? In the mid-1930s, Abyssinia was a test run for the Second World War, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 3/1/2018,

A Rejoinder Worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 27/12/2017,

Photographs from the Land of the Upright: Peter Stepan (ed.), Burkina Faso’s Popular Uprising of October 2014. Towards a World with More Justice. A Book-review by Günther Lanier, Ouagadougou, October 2017, Deutsch-Burkinische Freundschaftsgesellschaft, Burkina Info 2-2017, Karlsruhe, December 2017

The South African Death of Revolution. From Winnie to Ramaphosa, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 20/12/2017,

Trading in Combat Proven Arms and Arms Buildup, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 13/12/2017,

Mugabe’s Ignominious Exit, or: Of the Inadmissible Personalisation of the Political, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 6/12/2017,

Burkina Faso: The Student Who Knocked Out Macron Oratorically, Linz (Solidarwerkstatt) 1/12/2017,

Salimata Nah Traoré Against FrançFaso: Knock-Out by Well-Articulated Reasoning, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 29/11/2017,

A Phantom Country Just Held its Elections. Somaliland is doing Well, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 22/11/2017,

Haiti or The Savage Revenge of the Former Colonial Masters – France a the bad loser, part II, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV, 15/11/2017,

In Sports Everything Used to be Simple… or: Sex Determination by the General Public, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 8/11/2017,

Victory! Three Years Ago, We Got Rid of Blaise, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 1/11/2017,

Rwanda. An African Star, in spite of it all, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 25/10/2017,

On the backs of those set free – France a bad loser, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 18/10/2017,

The revolution murdered: a sad 30th anniversary  in Burkina Faso, Viena (Radio Afrika TV) 11/10/2017,

Eritrea from another angle, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 4/10/2017,

Land of the Upright. Burkina Faso’s History, Politics and its Eternal Strangers, Linz (Werkstatt-Blatt 3-2017) 30/9/2017; same article in its complete version: Solidarwerkstatt 16/10/2017

A World Champion under a Despot, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 4/7/2017,

It should have caused a scandal. Burkina (Upper Volta) was also contaminated in 1960, Deutsch-Burkinische Freundschaftsgesellschaft, Burkina Info 1-2017, Karlsruhe, June 2017

Away, on black African soil: 1-0 for Israel against Morocco – or 1-1 after all, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 23/6/2017,

Laurels for a murderer. or: Heaping scorn on Floribert Chebeya, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 16/6/2017,

The none too small microcredits of the warlord’s wife, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV), 29/5/2017,

Un chef de guerre, une fois le pouvoir conquis, peut-il se servir dans la caisse de l’Etat comme il veut ? (Once a Warlord is in Power, Can He Help Himself to State Resources at libitum?) Ouagadougou ( 25/5/2017,

The Warlord who just can’t keep promises, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 20/5/2017,

Egypt and Ethiopia Can Do Whatever They Like, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 3/5/2017

Restive Western Africa – Colonial Grandeur – Torture in Libya, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 20/4/2017

Women’s Everyday Battle. The International Women’s Day in a Burkinabè Province, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 4/4/2017

Le 8 mars est un combat de tous les jours (The 8th of March is an Everyday Battle), Ouagadougou ( 27/3/2017

Panafrica: Internationalism versus Balkanisation. Thoughts on Nationalism, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 21/3/2017

Essais nucléaires français dans le désert algérien : Le Burkina Faso a été irradié en 1960…/De Gaulle & successeurs devant la CPI ! (French nuclear tests in the Algerian desert: Burkina was affected in 1960…/ Bring de Gaulle & successors before the ICC!  - translated from the original German version with small add-ons), Ouagadougou (, Burkina24 and 13 resp. 14/3/2017, published on: resp. resp.

Bring de Gaulle & successors before the ICC! Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 10/3/2017

Dangerous Riches. Notes on Mineral Resources and their Exploitation, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 28/2/2017

Tanzania: Safe haven on the verge of sealing itself off? (corresponds largely to African Hospitality in Danger?) Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 16/2/2017

Jamais deux sans trois ! Tolérance religieuse, CIA, Arabie Saoudite (Absurd things come in threes. Religious tolerance, CIA, Saudi Arabia), Ouagadougou (, and Burkina24) 13/2/2017, resp. resp.

Hospitalité africaine en péril ? (African Hospitality in Danger?) Ouagadougou ( and 2/2/2017 resp. 4/2/2017, resp.

Libya, still not a compliant victim, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 26/1/2017,

Sabre-rattling all over, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 19/1/2017,

Is German recolonisation in store for Africa? (“German attempts at recolonisation?“ expanded), published on by Solidarwerkstatt on 18th of January 2017 and also in WERKSTATT-Rundbrief No. 2/2017, also on 18th of January 2017

Business almost as usual. RSS bury Burkina Faso’s ‘Revolution’, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 12/1/2017,

Turning Torture into Money – A Most Lucrative Business, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 5/1/2017,

A quand la rupture ? A quand la refondation ? (How much longer before we break with the past? How much longer before we start afresh?) (slightly reworked), Ouagadougou ( 2nd of January 2017, published on: and also Ouagadougou ( 4th of January 2017 (

A quand la rupture ? A quand la refondation ? (How much longer before we break with the past? How much longer before we start afresh?), Ouagadougou ( 29th of December 2016, published on:

Resurrecting Houphouët-Boigny’s Single-Party Rule? Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 29/12/2016,

Senegal’s French Soldiers as Campaign Ammunition? Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 22/12/2016,

AFD SongManegre (Kongoussi). Sensitisation, Bicycles and Microprojects against Excision (FGC), Deutsch-Burkinische Freundschaftsgesellschaft, Burkina Info 2-2016, Karlsruhe, December 2016

German attempts at recolonisation? Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 15/12/2016,

L’énigme malienne : Une analyse politique polémique (The Malian Enigma. A polemical political analysis), Ouagadougou ( and 15th of December 2016, published on and then also on

No repose for Mali, Vienna (Radio Afrika TV) 16/11/2016,

The Children Marched Against Excision, Deutsch-Burkinische Freundschaftsgesellschaft, Burkina Info 1-2016, Karlsruhe, June 2016

Handi Talent II. Pô en fête du 22 au 24 avril 2016 (Handi Talent Festival II. Pô celebrated from 22nd to 24th of April), Ouagadougou ( 29th of April 2016, published on

Finished dreaming? Burkina Faso had little choice (article of 9/12/2015 updated in March 2016), Afrika Magazin 1/2016 (Vienna 29/3/2016), pp.6-9, also on the net:

Fête du 8 mars à Kongoussi. L’AFD SongManegre œuvre pour l’autonomisation des femmes – aussi pour que les sexes des filles du département de Kongoussi restent intacts (Celebration of the 8th of March. AFD Song Manegre works for the empowerment of women – also to keep girls’ sexual organs intact in Kongoussi department), Ouagadougou ( 23rd of March 2016 on:

Finished dreaming? Burkina Faso had little choice (updated article of 9/12/2015), in 2 parts: Volksstimme. Politics and Culture. Interjections from the left, no.1-2 and no.3 of February resp. March 2016

The people will not be deprived of its power, Deutsch-Burkinische Freundschaftsgesellschaft, Burkina Info 2-2015, Karlsruhe, Dec. 2015

Finished dreaming? Burkina Faso had little choice. Ouagadougou 9th of December 2015, Deutsch-Burkinische Freundschaftsgesellschaft, Newsletter-special edition, Newsletter no.54, Dec. 2015, also published on by Solidarwerk­statt on 30th of December 2015

Burkina Faso: Das Volk lässt sich nicht so leicht entmachten (Burkina Faso: the people will not be deprived of its power), published by Solidarwerkstatt on 21st of October 2015 on and on 12th of November 2015 in WERKSTATT-Rundbrief No. 23/2015; also published on 16th of November by OneWorld on

International Consultant’s Final Report for the baseline study for Nigeria’s UNFPA-UNICEF Joint Programme on FGM/C. Overview. FGM/C Rating. Social Norms (unpublished/Ministry of Health & UNICEF & UNFPA) 2015

Contributions to Nigeria’s national anti-FGM/C strategy (unpublished/Ministry of Health & UNICEF & UNFPA) 2015

Inception Report for the Baseline study for the UNFPA-UNICEF Joint Programme on FGC (unpublished/ Ministry of Health & UNICEF & UNFPA) 2014/15

Eritrea’s Anti-FGC Strategy. Recommendations, Reflexions, Comments and Roadmap for SPCF 2013-2016, Asmara (unpublished/Ministry of Health & UNICEF) 2014

Eritrea’s Community Mapping of 2014 (in three parts: Eritrea’s FGC Community Mapping 1. The Data Col­lection + Eritrea’s FGC Community Mapping 2. Data Interpretation + Eritrea’s FGC Community Map­ping 3. The Village Rating. Eritrea’s Model for Determining Readiness for FGC Abandonment), Asmara (unpublished/Ministry of Health & UNICEF) 2014

Witches in Games. Accuse Unwanted Women of Witchcraft and Banish Them from House and Home, University of Pennsylvania/PPE, July 2010


The Witch-hunt still goes on. The "Solidarity Compound" in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso,, Ouagadougou End September 2009

Zero Tolerance for Genital Mutilation. Lobbying for women's and girls' intactness, in: DED-Brief, Bonn, 2/2009 (June 2009)

Ne touche pas à ta femme ! (Don't touch/hurt your wife!) in: Mãanawãná 19, Ouagadougou, January 2009

En route pour des taux d'excision fiables au Burkina Faso (Towards trustworthy excision rates in Burkina Faso), in: Mãanawãná 19, Ouagadougou, January 2009

En route pour des taux d'excision fiables ? (Towards trustworthy excision rates?) (short version) in : Newsletter MGF no.12 – décembre 2008, GTZ/Projet suprarégional "Abandon des MGF"

Languages in Burkina, in: Mãanawãná 18, Ouagadougou, September 2008

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[1] The title was changed to ’Populist Fascism in Austria‘ without my consent and against the article's argument.