2 May 2021

Sudan: Minni Minawi, leader of the rebel “Sudanese Liberation Army” during the civil war in Darfur, has been appointed governor of Darfur – the appointment is part of the 2020 peace agreement signed by the Sudanese government and most of the rebel groups.
BBC Africa 02 May 2021. 16:08

Chad: The curfew imposed after Idriss Déby Itno’s death has been lifted. Does that mean that the junta feels it has consolidated its hold on power?
BBC Africa 02 May 2021. 15:24

1 May 2021

Nigeria: The article’s author is an expert in Igbo entrepreneurship. The article looks into the role of family affinity and networks in (often successful) Igbo business (which predates colonial times) and how entrepreneurial knowhow is passed on to the following generation, focussing on “Nwaboi” (informal volunteering); the role of first son (di-okpara); the independent and individualist, yet communal, “acephalous” nature of the Igbos (“Igbo enwe Eze” – Igbos have no king); and the role of kindred (Umunna). The Umunna (sons of the land), Umuada (daughters of the land) and Ikwu (members of a kindred) also play their roles.

Ghana/cocoa: Of the US$150bn worth of the global chocolate industry West Africa gets less than US$6bn although it supplies 70% of the cocoa beans. “Ghana has increased its own cocoa processing in recent years, from 200,000 tonnes to 400,000 tonnes in 2019, but it mostly remains at the stage of semi-finished products”. The state, in dire need of foreign exchange, provides support for domestic processing only if the products are exported, not if they are produced for the domestic market. Domestic processing is furthermore subject to high taxes. The author makes some suggestions how to boost domestic processing. Because, if we believe president Akufo-Addo, Ghana “intends to process 50% of annual cocoa domestically and, by extension, expand domestic chocolate production.”