11 September 2021

Covid-19: Most African countries are in the early stages of vaccination rollout. The article contains a map, updating daily, which shows how many people have been vaccinated in every one of Africa’s countries

Guinea: This article examines the context of Guinea’s coup of 5/9/2021. According to the author, the five most saliant factors are: “1. Guineans were frustrated with Condé’s presidency. But their frustrations go beyond him.” “2. Guineans are celebrating the coup, but still fear the military.” “3. Guinea is rich in resources, but that hasn’t helped most Guineans.” “4. Guinea is ethnically and linguistically diverse. New leaders might seek to manipulate these differences.” “5. Guinea has never had a war. But its people have endured tumultuous times, and more may be imminent.”

Madagascar: The country may be living a “climate change famine”. “(C)limate change is amplifying the magnitude of natural variations, such as El Niños and La Niñas. This contributed to post-2014 increases in eastern and southern African food insecurity.” Other African countries could follow, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia seem to be in particular danger. An expert from the Climate Hazards Group explains.

10 September

Guinea/AU: After suspension by Ecowas on Wednesday, Guinea has now also been suspended by the African Union (AU) following Sunday’s coup.
BBC Africa Live 10 September 2021. 14:00

Ethiopia: In one month from now, the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will start producing electricity. At first, two turbines will produce 750 MW. Later, the dam will produce 8 times more.
BBC Africa Live 10 September 2021. 14:52