24 January 2022

Burkina Faso: In a declaration read on national television RTB around 17h30 UT, a Patriotic Movement for Safeguarding and Restoration (Mouvement patriotique pour la sauvegarde et la restauration/MPSR) says it has taken over power without spilling any blood. The constitution is suspended, government and parliament are dissolved, the countries’ borders are closed, the curfew is slightly extended: 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Mozambique: Meteorologists expect a tropical storm to turn into a cyclone and cause damage in central and northern regions.
BBC Africa Live 24 January 2022. 10:54

Uganda: Two weeks after the reopening of schools, with the dusk-to-dawn curfew being lifted, bars, nightclubs, theatres and “other sections of the entertainment and night economy” are allowed to reopen today Monday.
BBC Africa Live 24 January 2022. 9:16

Burkina Faso: Coup or no coup? We still don’t know. Is Roch Kaboré in the hands of the mutineers or is he being kept in a safe place. A tweet of his in mid-afternoon called for dialogue instead of violence. Everyone is still waiting for the official statement that keeps being promised incessantly…

23 January 2022

Burkina Faso: No putsch, just a mutiny of some soldiers is said to be the cause of gunfire in several army barracks this morning in Ouagadougou and elsewhere. The mutineers are said to demand the dismissal of the army chief of staff and the head of the intelligence service, the deployment of more troops to the front line to fight the insurgents, better care for wounded soldiers, and the families of those killed in battle. Mobile internet has once again been cut since about 9:30 in the morning. The HQ of the ruling party MPP in Ouagadougou has been vandalised.