18 May 2023

Teen mothers: Research has shown that “pregnant and parenting teenagers have poorer mental health than adult mothers”, depression being the main problem. It is a problem that is hardly ever dealt with. The article’s authors’ research in Malawi and Burkina Faso found that “depression was highest among girls who experienced sexual, emotional and physical violence from their partners; whose partners denied paternity or refused to provide any support; who received no support from their community; who described their neighbourhood as unsafe” while “girls who got support from their parents and partners were shielded from depression”, with goodwill from neighbours and the community also helpful.

Old age pensions: Very few people – 9% – save for old age and the elderly may thus find themselves in dire straits – the old system, where their children provided for them when they grew old is disappearing. So yes, a good “pension system that provides adequate income to the elderly” is what is needed. But the article’s author takes a much too capitalist, much too pension funds-oriented approach to this.

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and Nelson Mandela: In this article, Jonny Steinberg praises the book “Winnie and Nelson: Portrait of a Marriage” which he has just published. “I want both to demythologise Winnie and Nelson and to preserve their myths, if that makes sense.” Living off the fame of others?

Ghana: The IMF has yesterday Wednesday agreed a 3-year 3bn USD loan under its Extended credit facility. The first tranche, 600m USD, are to be disbursed quickly.
BBC Africa Live 18 May 2023. 7:22

Gambia: 2 days before mayoral and regional elections, soldiers are tearing down campaign posters of opposition politician Taliba Ahmed Bensouda who is thought to become the main challenger of President Adama Barrow in the 2026 presidential elections.
BBC Africa Live 18 May 2023. 16:06

17 May 2023

Malawi: Police and immigration department officers raided houses and businesses of asylum seekers and refugees in Lilongwe and arrested about 300 of them, waiting to relocate them to Dzaleka refugee camp about 40 km north of the capital, where – according to Malawian laws – refugees must stay. The country’s only refugee camp has capacity for 10,000 but houses 50,000.
BBC Africa Live 17 May 2023. 16:53

Nigeria: Most of street food in cities is packaged in plastic bags – and they are bad for the environment. Leaves – still used in the countryside to package food – are a better alternative. It is viable and socially acceptable.

Kenya: The country’s political coalitions are extremely fluid. With politicians switching parties/coalitions with every election, “(n)o political party or coalition has ruled for more than one term since the opposition deposed the independence movement, KANU, in 2002.” This creates instability and in the article’s author’s view contributes to violence and corruption. According to him, stable political parties is the only way out of this.

Tanzania/UK: For her “Allow Me To Study” campaign to support and encourage girls to stay in school in Tanzania, teenager Zamana (no other name provided) has won the Amal Clooney Women’s Empowerment Award.
BBC Africa Live 17 May 2023. 11:44