15 April 2022

Rwanda/UK: London hopes that partly outsourcing asylum procedures to Kigali will reduce the number of asylum seekers and refugees because “migrants may think twice before crossing the Channel if they think they may end up in Rwanda”. Unlike in the domain of human rights, Kigali’s record in matters concerning refugees is good. However “(t)he ability for the country to absorb the refugee population through integration and naturalisation has been extremely limited.”

South Africa: There are an estimated 3.95 million foreign-born people living in the country (total population: 60 million). “There is no evidence that international migrants are a major cause of unemployment in South Africa.” If the employment rate amongst immigrant workers is higher than amongst nationals, it is partly because immigrants accept “indecent” working conditions. To present the country’s very real unemployment crisis as the fault of the immigrants does not correspond to facts.

Rwanda: Since noise pollution laws forbid noise over 55 decibels in the day and over 45 decibels at night in residential areas, the use of loudspeakers on mosques in the early hours of the day has been banned. There will not be any morning calls to prayers for the rest of Ramadan – nor after it. Muslim leaders have been reported to have discussed the matter with government and to have agreed to the decision.
BBC Africa Latest Updates 15 April 2022. 11:34

14 April 2022

Ghana: Gunmen have attacked Zacholi village (north-east), killed at least 8, injured some more, destroyed houses. Was it a terrorist attack? Police are investigating. “(T)he region faces security problems including armed robbery and communal tensions”. The attack also comes “barely a week after Ghana’s security minister said security alert levels had been increased due to the possibility of what he called ‘terrorist attacks’.”
BBC Africa Live 14 April 2022. 5:54

Mozambique: On 21st of April, ISS will be organising a panel that will discuss the reconstruction of Cabo Delgado. CSOs fear that the way it is planned will only “perpetuate the inequalities that are driving the insurgency”. How could a sustainable and peaceful development be initiated instead?

Gambia: Fabakary Tombong Jatta, an ally of former dictator Jammeh, has become the new parliamentary speaker – President Adama Barrow, having made a deal with Jammeh's Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC), had nominated him.
BBC Africa Live 14 April 2022. 16:47