27 March 2021

Tanzania: An overview of what might change under the country’s new president, Samia Suluhu Hassan – for the opposition, for the ruling party, for the economy, and in terms of Covid-19. With external conditions less favourable, Hassan might find her options limited.

26 March 2021

Nawal El Saadawi: “(U)npopular with many in government and in the so-called establishment”, “subversive in life and distinctly political in her writings”, she thought that “(i)f I don’t tell the truth, I don’t deserve to be called a writer.” She was proud never to have compromised. “She never compromised because in many ways the condition of women globally has not much changed and because there is an ethos that persistently governs women, that, she believed, demanded unequivocal attention.” The article presents a short overview of her life and her works – the latter are “weapons in a war that is still to be won”. An homage.

Ethiopia/Eritrea: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has announced that Eritrean troops will withdraw from Tigray. He had for a long time denied/only recently admitted that they had participated in the war.
BBC Africa Live 26 March 2021. 5:40

Mozambique: Fighting in Palma between “al-Shabab” insurgents and the army are continuing. The number of casualties is still unknown, but “eyewitnesses describe dead bodies lying by roadsides and on the beach front”. Local residents are reported to have fled into nearby forests.
BBC Africa Live 26 March 2021. 12:53