23 December 2021

Benin: The death of the king of Abomey, Kêfa Sagbadjou Glèlè, last Friday was officially announced today Thursday. He had only “ascended to the throne in January 2019 six months after the death of his predecessor Dadah Dedjalagni Agoli-Agbo, who had reigned for 30 years”.

Sudan: 13 women and girls have reputedly been raped by security force members on Sunday as hundreds of thousands took to the streets to protest against the military keeping political power. Women today Thursday marched again in Khartoum in protest against these rapes. The UN, EU, US, UK, Norway, Switzerland and Canada condemned the sexual violence and called for an independent investigation.

22 December 2021

Libya: A parliamentary committee having stated that holding elections on 24th of December would be impossible, the election commission has proposed the 24th of January. So far, even the list of presidential candidates is not clear – will it include Gaddafi son and Khalifa Haftar?