11 December 2022

Kenya: In the past, the Maasai held an annual lion hunt, a rite of passage – warriors had to kill a lion to transition to manhood. But as lions became rare, “environmentalists and the group's elders founded the so-called Maasai Olympics”. A BBC report in pictures.

Zambia: 27 dead (suffocated) Ethiopian migrants were found by the side of a road in Ngwerere (north of Lusaka). In October, 25 Ethiopians had been found in a mass grave in Malawi – probably also migrants trying to reach South Africa.

10 December 2022

South Africa/Music streaming: Worldwide, musicians’ earnings from streaming are poor – and it is worse in Africa. At worst, streaming can be a drain, because of the platform fees. What makes matters worse in South Africa? Lack of connectivity of many a potential client plays a role as do frequent power cuts as does the “undeveloped policy environment” (copyright legislation) and on top of that, the global platforms’ payment regimes are not equitable.

South Africa/Access to health services: Public health breast cancer treatment services “such as chemotherapy are only available in tertiary hospitals which are located in the country’s urban centres.” While treatment is free, access to the hospitals can act as a barrier – transport can be complicated and expensive. At the Tyberberg hospital in Cape Town, a “Tygerberg breast unit transport fund” has been put in place to help patients with their transport. It would be a good thing elsewhere also – but of course, for such initiatives, funds are needed.

Congo-Kinshasa: Tshala Muana, the “Queen of Mutuashi” (a form of traditional music from Kasai) has died this morning aged 64. She was also well known for defending the rights of women and children.