30 July 2021

Angola: “The Netherlands Arbitration Institute, (which is) part of the International Court of Arbitration, said that the transaction in which (Isabel) Dos Santos had received the shares in Portuguese oil and gas firm Galp was illegal.” She has thus been ordered to surrender the shares which are worth 500 million USD to Sonangol, the Angolan oil and gas company.
BBC Africa Live 30 July 2021. 15:12

Côte d’Ivoire: Evidence against Simone Gbagbo is no longer considered sufficient by the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the Court has thus lifted the international arrest warrant against the ex-First Lady.
BBC Africa Live 30 July 2021. 9:44

29 July 2021

Ghana: “Bui wouldn’t have materialised without China’s help.” The 400-MW Bui dam on the Black Volta was completed by China’s Sinohydro Corporation in 2013. It was part of the Volta River Project whose Akosombo and Kpong dams (1965 resp. 1982) had been financed by the US and World Bank, but neither WB nor EIB would finance Bui dam “due to environmental sustainability fears”. China’s financing has had consequences far beyond the project itself, with the number of Chinese projects and investments in Ghana increasing further. China now being the country’s biggest foreign direct investor and the principal trading partner and infrastructure financier and, on the other hand, Ghana today being the African country with the most students in China.

Zimbabwe: The economy seems to be stabilizing, with growth forecast at 7.8% this year (rains have been good and commodity prices have risen globally) and inflation down to double digits, “but most Zimbabweans have not seen an improvement in their living standards” so far.
BBC Africa Live 29 July 2021. 19:02