06 January 2022

Morocco: An agreement to increase cooperation with Beijing under the Belt and Road initiative is to increase Chinese investment in agriculture, trade and technology.
BBC Africa Live 06 January 2022. 6:03

Nigeria: Under the Terrorism (Prevention) Proscription Order Notice 2021 released yesterday Wednesday, armed gangs operating in the country – “bandits” – have formally been designated as terrorist groups. This designation is “to give the military the authorisation it needs to use lethal force in fighting them”.
BBC Africa Live 06 January 2022. 5:33

Rwanda/Burundi: Rwandans having fled Rwanda to escape the mandatory vaccination campaign there have been repatriated by Burundian authorities of Kirundo province (northern Burundi) stating that “everyone had to get vaccinated so as to be allowed to stay in the country”.
BBC Africa Live 06 January 2022. 8:18

05 January 2022

Uganda: “You will fall” – “Ogenda”, that’s the new song that Bobi Wine has just released. It is addressed to President Museveni. Media being gagged, music is, according to Bobi Wine, “the only way to expose the rot.” Here’s where you can listen to it or download it: https://mobile.howwebiz.ug/song/61531/ogenda/77/bobi-wine.
BBC Africa Live 05 January 2022. 6:41

Burkina Faso: With 3,280 – 13% of the country’s total number – schools closed because of terrorism, more than half a million pupils are deprived of school.
BBC Africa Live 05 January 2022. 17:30

Eritrea: Wang Yi, China’s foreign minister, on a visit to Asmara “has condemned sanctions imposed on Eritrea” and has invited President Afwerki to Beijing. Asserting their “strategic partnership”, the two countries condemn “interferences in the internal affairs of other countries under the pretext of democracy and human rights.”
BBC Africa Live 05 January 2022. 14:18