14 January 2022

Congo-Kinshasa/Rwanda: 99 of 101 Rwandans who had fled from Rwanda to an island in Lake Kivu in Congo-Kinshasa to avoid being vaccinated against Covid have been repatriated – by persuasion, not by force. The other two have gone missing. “Rwandans must be vaccinated to be allowed to use public transport, go to bars and restaurants or to attend public events.”
BBC Africa Live 14 January 2022. 11:03

13 January 2022

Morocco: It is rare for sexual harassment cases to make it to trial, but an economics lecturer at Hassan I University (near Casablanca) had now been jailed for two years for “giving students good grades in return for sexual favours” – the first “in a string of high-profile sexual harassment cases at universities in Morocco”.
BBC Africa Live 13 January 2022. 5:23

Nigeria: After seven months, the ban on Twitter has been lifted. The ban had been imposed after Twitter had deleted a tweet by President Buhari threatening regional secessionists, accusing it of siding with the secessionists, thus undermining the country’s “corporate existence”. According to the government, Twitter has “agreed to conditions including opening a local office in Nigeria”.