19 July 2021

Nigeria: 13 police have been killed and 7 wounded in an ambush set by armed gangs in Zamfara state. The incident comes only one day after the kidnapping of 50 villagers by armed assailants in the same state.
BBC Africa Live 19 July 2021. 15:17 19 Jul

Algeria/Morocco: “Unacceptable” – that’s what the Algerian ministry of foreign affairs has unsurprisingly called Morocco’s announcement that it supported the “right of self-determination for the Kabyle people in Algeria”.
BBC Africa Live 19 July 2021. 17:03 19 Jul

Egypt: Mr Salama, former editor-in-chief of Al Ahram newspaper, “has been detained on terrorism charges after calling for President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to resign”. One more attack on the freedom of the press.
BBC Africa Live 19 July 2021. 16:03 19 Jul

Ethiopia: According to the government, the 2021 target for filling the Great Renaissance Dam has been attained and electricity production is to start within a few months.
BBC Africa Live 19 July 2021. 11:09 19 Jul

18 July 2021

Egypt: One of the most prominent activists of the 2011 revolution, Esraa Abdel Fattah, has been released from jail (pre-trial detention) after almost 2 years spent there for allegedly spreading false news and collaborating with a terrorist group. She had claimed that she had been tortured in custody by security forces and went on a hunger strike to protest. She drew international attention. “A number of other prominent journalists and opposition figures, including activist Gamal El-Gammal and Abdel Nasser Ismail – leader of the Popular Alliance party – were also freed this weekend.”