18 January 2022

Somaliland: Neither the UN nor the AU recognise Somaliland’s independence – now the British parliament are about to debate recognition of Somaliland.
BBC Africa Live 18 January 2022. 7:29

17 January 2022

Nigeria/Child marriages: In a report published on Monday, Human Rights Watch accuses authorities of doing too little to enforce its anti-child marriage laws. Girls are thus being “denied their fundamental rights to education, a safe place to live and freedom from violence”.
BBC Africa Live 17 January 2022. 11:22

Sudan: At least 7 have reportedly been shot dead in today’s protests in Khartoum and Wad Madani (east-central Sudan, on the bank of the Blue Nile). The military council has announced “it will establish an anti-terrorism force to counter ‘potential threats’”. That definitely does sound threatening.
BBC Africa Live 17 January 2022. 16:42/17:31

Kenya: Banditry attacks, cattle raids, boundary disputes are said to be “getting out of hand” in the North Rift region. Schools have also been attacked. More than 60 have reportedly been killed over the last 5 months, 10 of them last week. In the affected area, two police officers are now to be deployed to each school to guard pupils and teachers.
BBC Africa Live 17 January 2022. 10:00

Rwanda/Ghana/GB: For “hundreds of millions of pounds” per year, London could send hundreds of migrants to Ghana and Rwanda “for processing and resettlement” – as Boris Johnson is fighting for political survival over parties during lockdown.
BBC Africa Live 17 January 2022. 8:53

Mali: The UN peacekeeping mission’s suspension of flights, if temporary, will hinder aid delivery to the country.
BBC Africa Live 17 January 2022. 5:08

Uganda: With lorry drivers protesting against anti-Covid measures (to have to test at the border even if they have a valid negative PCR test), 70 km queues have developed and the country’s petrol stations have no more fuel to sell.
BBC Africa Live 17 January 2022. 7:56