10 October 2022

Lesotho: The new Revolution For Prosperity (RFP) party of mining magnate Sam Matekane has obtained a relative majority in the legislative elections (56 of 120 seats). The well-regarded business man (diamonds, transports, construction) is a political novice but “captured the imagination of young voters”, also with his philanthropy (especially in education in poor areas) over the past few years.
BBC Africa Live 10 October 2022. 18:27
BBC Africa Live 10 October 2022. 17:32

Uganda: Ever since colonial powers drew borders in the West Nile region (north-west of the country), dividing ethnic groups, untaxed trade = smuggling across these borders has been considered legitimate by the concerned communities. And it is “viewed as a survival mechanism” in this marginalised region. Amongst the smugglers, the so-called OPEC Boys – fuel smugglers who are organised to some extent – occupy a special place. Termed “un-civil society”, they sometimes act as representatives for the interests of the urban informal sector. And “(t)heir smuggling activities provide employment to, and absorb, a potentially dangerous group: low-skilled, landless young men. In a region with a history of rebel groups, this is seen as an important stabilising factor, allowing for the voicing of discontent through trading activities rather than illegality.

Chad: Military ruler Mahamat Déby will be sworn in as transitional president for an additional two years today Monday. The “national inclusive dialogue” had made the extension by two years possible and also allowed Déby to stand for elections afterwards. The USA have announced sanctions and the African Union had also warned against extending the transition.
BBC Africa Live 10 October 2022. 9:11

Somalia: After the banning of pro-al-Shabab websites by the government on Saturday, al-Shabab not only accuses the government of trying “to silence the truth”, but has also “warned internet providers against blocking its affiliated media outlets.”
BBC Africa Live 10 October 2022. 10:51

09 October 2022

Tigray/Ethiopia: After 23 months of civil war, this BBC article is about the acute lack of even basic medicine in Tigray. Doctors and patients are helpless.

France/Algeria: Led by their Prime minister Elisabeth Borne, 16 French ministers – a third of the entire government – have arrived in Algiers for a two-day visit. Bilateral ties are to be improved and deals on economic cooperation signed.
BBC Africa Live 09 October 2022. 17:19

Somalia: “A number” of websites allegedly belonging to al-Shabab have been banned by the government.
BBC Africa Latest Updates 09 October 2022. 12:17