23 August 2021

SRH & African youths: SRH = Sexual and Reproductive Health. Among African adolescents, AIDS and pregnancy-related complications are the main causes of death. “The high burden of poor sexual and reproductive health is a threat to the immediate and future health and socioeconomic well-being of the region’s young people.” Research into SRH is patchy, both geographically (two thirds of all research is done in only six countries: South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia) and with regard to topics: sexually transmitted infections, comprehensive sexuality education, age-appropriate services, menstrual hygiene, gender norms, early adolescence (10-14 years), programme interventions and policy evaluation are all under-studied. Local evidence is urgently needed to evaluate existing policies, improve on them and to drive policy debates, advocacy and decisions.

Nigeria: 7 weeks after being kidnapped from Bethel Baptist High School in Kaduna State in the north-west of the country, 15 students have been released by the kidnappers against a ransom being paid. 65 of originally 121 kidnapped students remain in captivity.
BBC Africa Live 23 August 2021. 6:36

Mozambique: Two years after his arrest in South Africa, former Finance Minister Manuel Chang – accused of embezzlement, money laundering and more, all part of the ‘tuna bonds affair’ – will finally be extradited to Mozambique and not to the USA.
BBC Africa Live 23 August 2021. 18:28

22 August 2021

Algeria: Forest fires are by no means a new phenomenon in Algeria, but this year’s were a lot worse than usual. “Early reports conclude that this year's fires inflicted more damage to Algeria's forests than all the fires from 2008 to 2020 combined. At least 90 people died fighting the flames”. The country is ill-equipped to fight fires – the government had to ask the European Union for help. Separatist groups (what’s more: backed by Morocco) have been blamed by the government though there seems to be no proof for these claims.