23 April 2023

Northern Cameroon: That reintegration of former Boko Haram fighters in the country’s north does not work well is a serious challenge for attempts of prevention of violent extremism as the former fighters become more likely to reengage in violence. There are several reasons for the difficulties with reintegration, starting with a lack of screening (which could differentiate between fighters, hostages, couriers, slaves and logisticians and point to fighters who remain “radicalised”).

21 April 2023

Ghetto Kids: The Ugandan orphan dance troupe “have been an internet sensation for some years”, now, with their success on the British TV show Got Talent, they have conquered the world stage. “They dance with contagious positive energy”, drawing “from popular African songs and traditional African dance forms – with an innovative contemporary twist.” They both display and dispel “stereotypical images of Africa through surprising and funny interpretations of their influences”. You’ll need to watch the perform – the article contains several links.

Muslims officially admitted Europe: In London’s Coventry Street, on 21st of March 2023, the mayor of London and the lord mayor of Westminster switched on the first ever Ramadan illuminations. During all of the holy month, Piccadilly Circus has been lit up like this, wishing “Happy Ramadan” to each and everyone. Let us hope that this goes beyond symbolism and will mean real inclusion in British and European life for Muslims. Because “(r)esearch shows that Muslims in the UK feel excluded most of the time, yet also negatively over-exposed whenever a public crisis related to them occurs.” That Muslims equally belong is of special importance in times of rising islamophobia.

Sudan: According to the WHO, the number of dead was 413 by the end of this morning, the number of wounded 3,551.
BBC Africa Live 21 April 2023. 10:22