07 April 2023

Sudan: “Scores of people” suffered injuries at mass protests against military rule in Khartoum and other cities yesterday Thursday.
BBC Africa Latest Updates 07 April 2023. 10:27

Nigeria: At least 51 villagers (some are still missing) have been killed in an attack of an armed gang on their village Umogidi in Benue state
BBC Africa Latest Updates 07 April 2023. 13:19

South Africa: Pretoria has failed to get two of the infamous Gupta brothers – Atul and Rajesh – extradited from the United Arab Emirates. Apparently, the extradition request was turned down because of a technicality – with some of the paperwork wrong or missing. According to UAE authorities, the extradition request can be resubmitted with new and additional documentation. But before that, the South African Justice ministry may appeal the decision. Somewhat bizarrely, the UAE decision has apparently been taken back in February, but South African authorities have only now been informed of it.

06 April 2023

Sudan: Intra-military disagreements concerning the integration of the Rapid Support Forces into the army have led to the postponement of the signing of the agreement to re-establish a civilian government which was to be signed today Thursday.
BBC Africa Live 06 April 2023. 6:18

Zimbabwe/Brain Drain: According to the Vice-President & Health Minister, a law prohibiting “robbing the nation of its human capital” – recruitment of Zimbabwean health personnel for example by the UK – may soon be introduced. Last month, the country was put on the WHO’s “red list, which denotes countries facing serious health personnel challenges”.
BBC Africa Live 06 April 2023. 5:08

Ghana: Following the killing of an immigration officer and two others blessed by gunmen, Accra is deploying 1,000 soldiers and police officers to Bawku in the country’s north-east on the Burkinabè border. Though nothings seems to be known about the gunmen, Ghana is afraid of jihadist violence spilling over from Burkina Faso.
BBC Africa Live 06 April 2023. 12:52

Zambia: The article discusses Hichilema’s foreign policy. While there has been a notable turn towards the USA, China has by no means been side-lined. Overall there is a tendency towards diversifying contacts and overall keeping a neutral stance.