08 December 2021

Ethiopia: In Mekelle, hyenas provide a great service to humans: consuming more than 200 tons of waste per year in and around the city, they clean the city and “by eating discarded carcasses, the hyenas are reducing the potential spread of diseases like anthrax and bovine tuberculosis”. A The Conversation podcast of 5’36’’.

Sudan: Several days of inter-communal fighting (Arabs against Masalit) has killed more than 100 and displaced thousands in Kreinik area in Western Darfur.
BBC Africa Live 08 December 2021. 10:23

South Africa: The Economic Freedom Fighters and the Democratic Alliance, by voting against it, prevented an amendment to the constitution that would have made land expropriation possible without compensation. This is no surprise as far as the white-dominated Democratic Alliance is concerned, but the EFF?
BBC Africa Live 08 December 2021. 5:12

Uganda: According to the US Treasury, Major General Abel Kandiho, the country’s head of military intelligence and other military intelligence officers have “arrested, detained and physically abused people ‘due to their nationality, political views, or critique of the Ugandan government’ (and) those arrested were ‘subjected to horrific beatings and other egregious acts... including sexual abuse and electrocutions, often resulting in significant long-term injury and even death’.” It has imposed financial sanctions on Abel Kandiho. The Ugandan army has protested.
BBC Africa Live 08 December 2021. 11:10

07 December 2021

Zimbabwe: Charges “of inciting violent anti-government protests” have been dropped against government critic and journalist Hopewell Chin’ono. The court found that “prosecutors had failed to specify how a series of tweets constituted an offence”. He had already been cleared by the same court of publishing false information in April but “still faces trial for alleged obstruction of public justice for posting a tweet ahead of a judicial decision in November last year”. “He has been freed on bail and banned from using his Twitter account to post anything that might ‘incite the public to revolt against the government’.”
BBC Africa Live 07 December 2021. 5:35

Tanzania: With provision of education guaranteed in the constitution as a basic human right, there has been great progress in the 60 years since independence. But education is still not as inclusive as it should be and poverty still makes it less likely that children get education. Also, the Global Partnership for Education target of at least 20% of the national budget for education has not been reached – Tanzania is at 15% of budget expenditure, 3.9% of GDP.

Tanzania: The article’s author takes stock as the country turns 60, stating, amongst other things, that there are periodic elections and changes of leadership, but political space has been systematically shrunk – under one-party rule as much as afterwards.

Frantz Fanon: On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Frantz Fanon’s death, Nigel Gibson, who has just published a book, in this article provides us with some quotes from the “Wretched of the Earth” and interprets them.

Nigeria: Of 68,000 prisoners country-wide, only 17,000 are convicts. The slowness of the judicial process means that “many (…) die before the conclusion of their trials – others stay in detention beyond the maximum jail term of the offence they’re accused of – even though they’ve not been convicted”. The authorities “are trying” to speed up trials.
BBC Africa Live 07 December 2021. 15:08

Mozambique: According to a Human Rights Watch report, more than 600 girls and women have been kidnapped over the past three years in Cabo Delgado province. Many will then be married to fighters i.e. enslaved and sexually abused. Some will be released after their families pay ransom.
Almost 1 million are at risk of hunger in that same Cabo Delgado province according to the government.
BBC Africa Live 07 December 2021. 14:05
BBC Africa Live 07 December 2021. 10:43