27 December 2021

South Africa: Shiraaz Mohamed has tracked down some foreigners – "kwerekwere", derogatory for African migrants – in Alexandra township and inner-city neighbourhood Hillbrow in Johannesburg and tells their stories, their fear of violence and xenophobia, by means of words and his photographs.

Somalia: Prime minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, suspended by the President, says he’ll continue in office. He accuses the President of an “indirect coup”.

26 December 2021

South Africa/Desmond Tutu: The BBC’s homage to the archbishop in pictures.

South Africa: Desmond Mpilo Tutu has died aged 90. “Already a high-profile figure before the 1976 rebellion in black townships, it was in the months before the Soweto violence that he first became known to white South Africans as a campaigner for reform.” Peace Nobel prize laureate in 1984, he chaired the Truth and Reconciliation Committee. The archbishop of Cape Town, head of the Anglican church in South Africa, formally retired from public life in 2010.

Sudan: 178 demonstrators have been injured during protests yesterday Saturday and live bullets were used by the security forces according to a doctors' union allied to the protest movement. According to the authorities, around 58 police officers were injured during yesterday’s protests and more than 100 people have been arrested in Khartoum.