09 March 2022

Guinea: The assets of two businessmen of Lebanese descent are to be seized upon a Guinean prosecutor’s order. This “comes after the two were sanctioned by the US Treasury for alleged money laundering and financing of terrorism” because of their links with Lebanon’s Shia group Hezbollah.
BBC Africa Live 09 March 2022. 6:51

Nigeria: After the Monday attacks that had left more than 60 vigilante members dead, gunmen in the same area on Tuesday attacked in Kanya village while deputy governor of Kebbi State, Samaila Yombe Dabai, was visiting. 13 soldiers and 6 other security force members are reported to have been killed.
BBC Africa Live 09 March 2022. 17:23

Nigeria: The country – a major oil producer, but refining hardly any of its crude oil – is suffering severe fuel shortages. Airlines have had to postpone or cancel flights.
BBC Africa Live 09 March 2022. 17:02

Mali/Mauritania: The Malian army is being accused of being involved in the killing of Mauritanians close to the border – seven in January and two more last weekend. Were they suspected of being jihadists? Were they killed by Russian mercenaries? Nothing is clear for the time being.
BBC Africa Live 09 March 2022. 16:45

Uganda: Contrary to Gen Kainerugaba’s social media announcement and according to the army, Museveni’s son has neither retired nor applied for retirement from the army. People had speculated that he had retired from the army to succeed his father at the next elections.
BBC Africa Live 09 March 2022. 16:19

Chad: At least 13 protesters have been killed and at least 80 injured by security forces in Abéché on January 24 and 25 according to Human Rights Watch and Convention Tchadienne de Défense des Droits Humains/CTDDH. The authorities, though regretting the deaths, deny that live ammunition was used.
BBC Africa Live 09 March 2022. 10:03

08 March 2022

Malaria: After mosquitoes resisting the insecticides, and parasites resisting the drug treatments, parasites have now started resisting detection by rapid diagnostic tests. This is very bad news, since timely and accurate diagnosis is essential for treatment. “Current rapid diagnostic tests detect a specific parasite protein (HRP2) in the patient’s blood. But evidence shows that malaria parasites in some locations have changed their genetic make-up so that they no longer produce this protein. This results in diagnostic resistance.” Such diagnostic resistance has been found globally, with the Horn of Africa (Eritrea, Ethiopia) looking like the (one of the?) hotspot(s). In Tanzania for example, reported appearance is sporadic. Surveillance is necessary; “where parasites with diagnostic resistance are known to be circulating, (a)lternative diagnostic methods should be made available.”

Nigeria: Close to Zuru in Kebbi state (north-west of the country), motorbike-riding gunmen have killed 63 or more. The 63 are thought to all have been members of vigilante groups set up to deal with armed gangs – they were trying to rescue people kidnapped and animals stolen in a prior attack when they were ambushed. Some of the “bandits” (as the gunmen are usually called) were also killed.
BBC Africa Live 08 March 2022. 6:11

Uganda: After 28 years of “service”, President Museveni’s son Muhoozi Kainerugaba is retiring from the army. He is thought “to be a possible successor to his 77-year-old father, who has been in power since 1986.”
BBC Africa Live 08 March 2022. 11:41