15 January 2022

Kenya: Organised criminal gangs have begun to target avocado growers. Fruits from one tree are worth about 600 USD. To protect harvests of this “green gold”, vigilantes are being formed. Kenya, which exports about a tenth of its harvest has become Africa’s first avocado exporter, though for the moment it is far behind Peru and Brazil.

Sudan: Al Jazeera's television network’s licence has been revoked because of “unprofessional coverage of opposition rallies”.
BBC Africa Live 16 January 2022. 17:42

Burkina Faso: At a terrorist attack on Namssiguian in Bourzanga commune in northern Bam province, 10 villagers or more have been killed, buildings burnt, property stolen and a mobile phone mast sabotaged.
BBC Africa Live 16 January 2022. 16:58

14 January 2022

Congo-Kinshasa/Rwanda: 99 of 101 Rwandans who had fled from Rwanda to an island in Lake Kivu in Congo-Kinshasa to avoid being vaccinated against Covid have been repatriated – by persuasion, not by force. The other two have gone missing. “Rwandans must be vaccinated to be allowed to use public transport, go to bars and restaurants or to attend public events.”
BBC Africa Live 14 January 2022. 11:03