21 January 2022

Kenya: Selling scrap metal has been banned in an attempt to put an end to vandalism. This comes a week after a national blackout most likely caused by vandalism of high-voltage lines in Nairobi.
BBC Africa Live 21 January 2022. 14:27

South Africa: Lindiwe Sisulu, the country’s tourism minister, had accused some judges of being “mentally colonized” and had said that the constitution had not improved poor black South African’s lives. After a meeting with Cyril Ramaphosa, the presidency had said that she had “apologized and retracted her ‘hurtful comments’.” But Lindiwe Sisulu denies this – she stands by her statement and has not offered an apology.
BBC Africa Live 21 January 2022. 4:51

Sudan: Al-Burhan has named 15 ministers to a new government. Protesters – more than 70 of whom have been killed since the putsch 3 months ago – will not be calmed. They simply want to be rid of the military in politics.
BBC Africa Live 21 January 2022. 5:34

20 January 2022

Gambia: Adama Barrow has been sworn in for his second term in office. The successful property developer had won the 4th December elections with 53% of the votes and the Supreme Court had just “upheld his re-election” a second time.
BBC Africa Live 20 January 2022. 17:32 19 Jan

Mozambique: The leader of a poaching gang active in southern Mozambique and in South Africa’s Kruger National Park has been sentenced to 30 years in prison. “In recent years the judiciary in Mozambique has imposed heavy penalties on poachers and people transporting (…) protected animals.”
BBC Africa Live 20 January 2022. 13:51 19 Jan

Burkina Faso: In the afternoon and evening of 10th of January, mobile internet was shut down country-wide by the authorities. The Facebook shutdown is reported to have continued since. Though government spokesperson Maiga stated that “the authorities did not have to explain themselves on the shutdown”, authorities have now “said they disrupted access to Facebook due to security fears.”
BBC Africa Live 20 January 2022. 9:15