29 March 2023

India/Namibia: Four cubs were born to one of the cheetahs relocated to India in 2022 – the first cheetah birth in India in around 70 years.
BBC Africa Live 29 March 2023. 12:55

USA/Zambia: Vice-president Kamala Harris is due to arrive in Lusaka on Friday. Ahead of her visit, “Zambia's government has warned the opposition against holding anti-gay rights protests”, promising “constructive dialogue” to address the concerns of the anti-gay opposition Patriotic Front.
BBC Africa Live 29 March 2023. 10:02

28 March 2023

Profit vs. Health: Four industries – processed food & drinks, fossil fuels, alcohol, tobacco – account for a third or more of preventable deaths worldwide. According to a Lancet series on the topic, “a substantial group of commercial actors are increasingly enabled to cause harm and to make others pay the costs of doing so.” In economics, we would call these ‘external costs’ – which, according to theory, need to be ‘internalised’. Yes: “It will take concerted joint efforts, such as an international convention, to change the system.” A convention won’t help much either: in our world, business interests top everything else.

Chad: Mahamat Idriss Deby Itno is in a pardoning mood: after 380 FACT members, he yesterday also pardoned 259 of the 262 jailed in December after the protests in which 73 died
BBC Africa Live 28 March 2023. 7:09