21 October 2021

South Sudan: The worst floods in decades following heavy rains have displaced 700,000, killed at least 40 and destroyed livestock, farmland and houses.
BBC Africa Live 21 October 2021. 9:27

eSwatini: To try and curb pro-democracy protests – which continue unabated in the capital Mbabane –, the government has ordered MTN to shut down Facebook.
BBC Africa Live 21 October 2021. 8:43

eSwatini: According to a nurses’ union, at least 30 nurses have been shot and injured at a pro-democracy protest yesterday Wednesday.
BBC Africa Live 21 October 2021. 10:25

South Sudan: The UN Commission on Human Rights accuses the National Security Services of threats, harassment and intimidation of journalists, human rights defenders and also their colleagues and families. Many have had to flee the country.
BBC Africa Live 21 October 2021. 7:57

Nigeria: Maiduguri’s experiencing relative peace, economic development needs to be encouraged. The NGO economy (because of the humanitarians who have come in) is only of short-term benefit. Agricultural production and internal and external trade need to be re-established, food processing industries and the like, also the service industry ought to be created. There are, of course, major challenges, lack of electric power and destroyed infrastructure and continuing lack of security amongst them. Financing could come from the diaspore.

Sudan: While pro-military demonstrators continued their sit-in outside the presidential palace, hundreds of thousands of supporters of the civilian-led government today marched in Khartoum and other towns and cities. “Security forces fired tear gas as activists burned tires and waved Sudanese flags.”
BBC Africa Live 21 October 2021. 16:33

Surveillance: According to a study by the Institute of Development Studies, Nigeria is the African country that invests most in surveillance technology, then come Egypt, Kenya, Senegal, South Africa and Sudan. “Internet signal interception, citizens surveillance, and internet eavesdropping often happen despite laws granting the right to privacy of communication and correspondence”.
BBC Africa Live 21 October 2021. 17:41

19 October 2021

Mozambique: Credit Suisse has been fined GBP147m and has promised to write off USD200m of debt “tainted by corruption”. “The fine is part of a $475m settlement with UK, Swiss and US regulators.” Credit Suisse staff is alleged to have taken and paid bribes between 2012 and 2016 when arranging loans of $1.3bn.