31 August 2022

Burkina Faso: A 83-year-old nun who was kidnapped in April has been released and is said to be in good health. Neither the conditions of her release nor the identity of the kidnappers is known.
BBC Africa Live 31 August 2022. 18:00

Sudan: According to doctors, one more protester has been killed by security forces in Khartoum, bringing the count to 117 demonstrators killed since the October 2021 coup.
BBC Africa Live 31 August 2022. 19:29

30 August 2022

South Sudan: Today Tuesday is a public holiday so that people can witness the official ceremony in which at least 21,000 soldiers graduate, the first batch of unified forces (army and police), all pledging allegiance to the same state. “A unified force was a key pillar of the revitalised peace deal signed in September 2018 to end five years of the conflict.” It has taken a long time. In 2018 “it was agreed that about 80,000 troops be trained for a unified security force”.
BBC Africa Live 30 August 2022. 8:34
BBC Africa Live 30 August 2022. 16:02