21 September 2022

Zimbabwe/AU: Macky Sall, the current chairman of the African Union, has called for the lifting of EU and US sanctions against Zimbabwe because they make the people of Zimbabwe suffer. Macky Sall also “urged the Security Council to address conflicts in Africa in the same way it addressed other conflicts.”
BBC Africa Live 21 September 2022. 6:37

20 September 2022

For the one who sits, the sky seems near
BBC Africa Live 20 September 2022. 6:33 Proverb of the day. An Amharic proverb from Ethiopia sent by Ebenezer in China.

Cameroon: In Nchang, in the country’s South-West region, separatist fighters have burnt down a church and kidnapped a Catholic priests, a nun and worshippers – eight in all – and are demanding ransom. According to the International Crisis Group, the conflict in anglophone South- and North-West regions has so far claimed “more than 6,000 lives and displaced around a million people”.
BBC Africa Live 20 September 2022. 6:36

Supply change management: Covid-19 “disrupted the supply of most essentials” and “exposed the weakness of global interdependencies”. It is now necessary to rethink “the trade-offs between the benefits of globally dispersed production and the need for secure supply and quick delivery”. The article’s author, a professor of International Business, details what needs to be taken into account in this rethinking and reconfiguring.

Tanzania: From 1st of October onwards, banking and mobile money transaction fees will cease to exist. They had been extremely unpopular when introduced in 2021. To compensate the resulting decreases in state revenue, government agencies are to cut expenses for snacks, seminars and workshops.
BBC Africa Live 20 September 2022. 16:12

Uganda: A new Ebola outbreak has been confirmed by authorities – a 24-year old has died of it in the centre of the country and “eight people with suspected symptoms are receiving medical care”.
BBC Africa Live 20 September 2022. 9:04