05 February 2022

Madagascar: Cyclone Batsirai has made landfall – less than two weeks after Storm Ana. Wind speed at times reached 250km/h on the east coast. Experts fear that Batsirai could prove more destructive than Ana.

04 February 2022

Guinea-Bissau: Ecowas announced yesterday Thursday that it will send troops to help stabilise Guinea-Bissau, a few days after an unsuccessful coup attempt that killed 11. The regional body had deployed troops to the country from 2012 to 2020.
BBC Africa Live 04 February 2022. 146:14

Nigeria: The information minister has said that “more than 120 companies and 96 individuals linked to the financing of terrorism” had been uncovered and 45 suspected terrorism funders arrested. That is all the information about the issue that the short article provides.
BBC Africa Live 04 February 2022. 4:33

Uganda: More than 100 opposition MPs collectively walked out of parliament to protest against illegal detention and torture. They will only return to parliament when the debate about the detention of two opposition MPs that they had asked for, will be listed for discussion.
BBC Africa Live 04 February 2022. 7:54

Mali/EU: The EU has decided sanctions (traval bans and asset freezes) on five Malian officials close to Assimi Goïta have been, amongst them the prime minister Choguel Kokalla Maïga, the president of the transitional council Col Malick Diaw and the reconciliation minister Col Ismaël Wagué.
BBC Africa Live 04 February 2022. 18:07

Tanzania: Police are under investigation by the Home affairs ministry, “suspected (of) involvement in the suspicious deaths of 22 people since the beginning of the year”.
BBC Africa Live 04 February 2022. 17:22

Burkina Faso: Life in Ouagadougou in the aftermath of last week's coup – 4 pictures that form part of BBC’s “Africa's week in pictures: 28 January-3 February 2022”.