06 October 2022

The fearful have no scars
BBC Africa Live 06 October 2022. 6:31. Our proverb of the day. A Shona proverb from Zimbabwe sent by Joel Harayi in Ontario, Canada.

Burkina Faso: The leader of last Friday’s coup d’état, Ibrahim Traoré, yesterday Wednesday assumed the country’s presidency and was also appointed Supreme Head of the Armed Forces.
BBC Africa Live 06 October 2022. 7:15

05 October 2022

South Africa/Art: A “mid-career retrospective” at Cape Town’s Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa exhibits South African multimedia artist Tracey Rose who’s art “spans performance, film and video installation, sculpture, photography, print and painting”. A homage.

Liberia: Students and even politicians have threatened street protests so as to force the government to do something about the rice shortage – rice being a staple.
BBC Africa Live 05 October 2022. 18:05

Rwanda: Suspected of inciting insurrection et al., 3 journalists have spent 4 years in jail without trial. Now a judge has ordered their release, saying the prosecution had not presented enough evidence against the three.
BBC Africa Live 05 October 2022. 17:24

Congo-Kinshasa: A UN report has documented “more than 3,600 cases of torture committed between 2019 and 2022” by the army” and other armed groups” with close to 5,000 victims – of which “hundreds of cases of sexual violence”. Impunity in conflict zones is widespread.
BBC Africa Live 05 October 2022. 13:00