21 March 2021

Egypt/Feminism: “When BBC presenter Zeinab Badawi suggested during an interview in 2018 that she tone down her criticism, El Saadawi replied: «No. I should be more outspoken, I should be more aggressive, because the world is becoming more aggressive, and we need people to speak loudly against injustices. I speak loudly because I am angry.»” Egyptian doctor, feminist, presidential candidate, writer – her books were translated into more than 40 languages – has died today, Sunday 21st, aged 89. “Her brutal honesty and unwavering dedication to improving the political and sexual rights of women inspired generations.”

20 March 2021

Niger: Mahamadou Issoufou, who is about to hand over presidential power to his elected successor, has been awarded the 2020 Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership. He has respected the two term-limit. But he hasn’t strengthened democracy and human rights. “(H)is regime has had a heavy-handed reaction to dissent.” He shouldn’t have been awarded the prize.