15 August 2021

Zambia: Since incumbent president Edgar Lungu is the one in charge, he must know: he says the elections were neither free nor fair. This is in fact in accordance with European Union election observers whose preliminary report stated that the vote was “marred by unequal campaign restrictions, restrictions on freedoms of assembly and movement, and abuse of incumbency”. According to early results, Edgar Lungu is trailing Hakainde "HH" Hichilema…

14 August 2021

Rwanda: A poor country subsidising a rich soccer club in Great Britain? Paul Kagame is an Arsenal fan & since 2018, there is a 42m USD sponsorship deal including Arsenal shirt sleeves carrying the inscription “Visit Rwanda”. In face of criticism, the government says that additional tourism revenue more than covers the sponsorship cost. But now Arsenal has lost to Brentford & Kagame has vented his anger on Twitter.