13 May 2021

Congo-Kinshasa: According to a report by the Thomson Reuters Foundation and The New Humanitarian news agency, more than 20 women have been sexually abused by humanitarian workers during last year’s Ebola outbreak.
BBC Africa Live 13 May 2021. 4:38

Congo-Kinshasa: In South Kivu, fighting on Wednesday and Thursday between a local militia called Biloze Bishambuke and combatants from the Tutsi Congolese community known as the Banyamulenge has forced thousands to flee their homes.
BBC Africa Live 13 May 2021. 16:51

12 May 2021

Nigeria: Abdulrasheed Bawa, the country’s “anti-corruption chief”, announced on Tuesday that 153 million USD had been recovered from Diezani Alison Madueke, oil minister from 2010 to 2015 before fleeing to the UK. “(A)t least 80 properties valued at $80m had also been seized.”
BBC Africa Live 12 May 2021. 10:10

South Africa: “The suggestion that Mandela single-handedly achieved democracy is as intellectually threadbare as its mirror image: that he was responsible for the failure to transform social and economic relations after 1994.” The article’s two authors are the editors of a book on Mandela that tries to put some misconceptions about him right, starting with his father, passing through his communist credentials, also dealing with his marriage with Winnie and the “widening political divide (that) accompanied the breakdown of the marriage” and “how incarceration enhanced his iconic status”.