07 September 2022

Life’s troubles are most often caused by your nearest and dearest
BBC Africa Live 06 September 2022. BBC Africa’s proverb of the day. A Swahili proverb sent by Dorothy Onyango in Mogotio, Kenya.

Crisis fatigue: A focus on traumatic occurrences is too painful to be sustained over time. People “feel overwhelmed, helpless or drawn to other urgent issues” – that’s crisis fatigue. This holds true for terrorism in the Sahel as much as for the Ukraine war as much as for drought in the Horn of Africa. Smartphones and “the 24/7 news cycle” also constantly clamour for our attention… The article tries to advise how to keep up our attention.

Togo: The state of emergency in the Savannas region in the extreme north of the country has been extended by parliament by 6 months to better contain the jihadist threat there.
BBC Africa Live 07 September 2022. 8:19

06 September 2022

Angola: The Constitutional Court has rejected a Unita petition to annul the results of the elections, thus confirming the narrow MPLA victory.
BBC Africa Live 06 September 2022. 17:08