30 March 2022

Burundi: On 29th of March 2019, the BBC – who at the time had 1.3 million viewers and listeners in Burundi – had seen its licence withdrawn because it had allegedly damaged the reputation of Pierre Nkunrunziza’s government. The National Communications Council (CNC) has today Wednesday announced that BBC is allowed to resume its operations.
BBC Africa Live 30 March 2022. 16:47

Sudan: Khartoum state authorities are in the process of removing “negative features” and reorganising the city. The overnight looting and destruction of belongings of street vendors and kiosk-owner at Jackson station has infuriated the former owners – security forces met them with tear gas and stun grenades (devices that temporarily disorient an enemy's senses).
BBC Africa Live 30 March 2022. 15:41

Sudan: Having issued a decree dissolving public universities’ boards of trustees, al-Burhan now appointed 30 new heads of public universities. “Learning institutions have been instrumental in the protests against the military rulers.”
BBC Africa Live 30 March 2022. 8:01

Kenya: Amnesty International has accused Kenyan police of “unlawfully killing 167 people” in 2021. In only 28 cases, prosecutions were initiated against the perpetrators. Protests are met with great brutality and even violating Covid restrictions meant death for some of the guilty.
BBC Africa Live 30 March 2022. 14:51

29 March 2022

The fish doesn’t believe it can be betrayed by water until it goes into the pot
BBC Africa Live 29 March 2022. 4.35: Proverb of the day. Sent by Helen Isaac to BBC News Pidgin

Guinea: In a move that the government says was part of an urgent reconstruction programme “targeting irregularly acquired state property and sub-standard buildings”, the private residence of former opposition leader Cellou Dalein Diallo was destroyed on Saturday. He had bought it in 2005. In mid-February, he had been ordered to leave the house. An investigation was ongoing. The government says the demolition “does not prevent justice from taking its course”.
BBC Africa Live 29 March 2022. 7:39

Congo-Kinshasa/Rwanda: Kinshasa says Rwandan soldiers backed the M23 in its attack on army positions in Tshanzu and Runyonyi on Monday, near the Ugandan and Rwandan border. Kigali denies this.
BBC Africa Live 29 March 2022. 5:55
BBC Africa Live 29 March 2022. 11:15

Congo-Kinshasa: According to OCHA (the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) since the beginning of 2022 about 400 civilians have been killed and over 83,000 have been displaced from their homes in Ituri province, which counts 1.9 million IDPs and where “some three million others (are) severely food insecure”.
BBC Africa Live 29 March 2022. 9:03

Congo-Kinshasa/East African Community: At a virtual EAC summit, Congo-Kinshasa today became the 7th EAC member after Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. This will substantially enlarge the East African Community.
BBC Africa Live 29 March 2022. 11:48

Nigeria. Because of the attacks and kidnappings on the roads, many commuters had taken to travelling by train between Abuja and Kaduna (190 km north of Abuja). But gunmen yesterday attacked the evening train and abducted a yet unknown number of passengers – the second time a train has been attacked in the last half a year. On Saturday, an attack had targeted Kaduna's international airport.
BBC Africa Live 29 March 2022. 4:38