17 March 2023

Kenya: The author’s research shows that free maternity health services introduced in 2013 have saved lives of mothers and infants and improved their health. The benefits have far exceeded costs.

Nigeria: The article explains why the country is especially prone to be hit by bird flu and what is and what should be done to prevent it.

16 March 2023

Mozambique: Cyclone Freddy has killed at least 53 and “hundreds of thousands are at risk of a humanitarian crisis”. The government has now allocated 3.4m USD for the reconstruction of schools and infrastructure. The province of Zambezia (centre of the country) has been hardest hit.
BBC Africa Live 16 March 2023. 6:26

Toyin Falola: The professor of history who has published around 200 books turns seventy. The article briefly presents three of his most recent books (African Spirituality, Politics, and Knowledge Systems; Decolonizing African Studies; African Memoirs and Cultural Representations). The scope of his publications is amazing. “He has also recently co-edited the Palgrave Handbook on Islam in Africa and a multi-volume book project on women’s studies and female agency in Africa.”

Malawi: Tropical Storm Freddy’s death too has risen from 225 to 326 and is expected to rise further as some communities are yet to be reached.
BBC Africa Live 16 March 2023. 17:06