04 September 2022

Nigeria: Foreign models and voice-over artists in adverts released in the country will be banned from 1st of October onwards so as to develop “local talent, inclusive economic growth, and (to) grow(…) the Nigerian advertising industry”. In her Letter from Africa, Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani reflects on the effects this ban could have, seen that many Nigerians who have never set foot abroad have British or American accents and that it is desirable for many to have such an accent. Are there parallels to the ban on foreign rice imposed some time ago by Abuja?

03 September

Great Britain/Institutionalised Racism: It took the British authorities 49 years to pay compensation and 70 years to apologize for the unjust hanging of Mahmood Mattan, a Somaliland-born seaman unjustly convicted of murder, executed on 3 September 1952. Unsurprisingly, granddaughter Tanya Mattan’s reaction was not too positive: “It's far too late for the people directly affected as they are no longer with us and still, we are yet to hear the words I am/we are sorry”. Mahmood Mattan clearly was a “victim of institutionalised racism”.