09 October 2022

Tigray/Ethiopia: After 23 months of civil war, this BBC article is about the acute lack of even basic medicine in Tigray. Doctors and patients are helpless.

France/Algeria: Led by their Prime minister Elisabeth Borne, 16 French ministers – a third of the entire government – have arrived in Algiers for a two-day visit. Bilateral ties are to be improved and deals on economic cooperation signed.
BBC Africa Live 09 October 2022. 17:19

Somalia: “A number” of websites allegedly belonging to al-Shabab have been banned by the government.
BBC Africa Latest Updates 09 October 2022. 12:17

08 October 2022

Uganda: Owen Falls hydropower plant, about 85 km east of Kampala on the White Nile, was completed in 1954, with “(t)he British establish(ing) governance arrangements for Nile waters that effectively granted Egypt veto power over all construction projects on the Nile.” In Egypt, the Nile River waters were needed to produce cotton for British industries. “The 1929 Anglo-Egyptian Treaty and the 1959 Nile Treaty (…) continue to fuel conflict between the downstream and upstream states in the Nile Basin” – with the Ethiopian GERD on the Blue Nile the most notable recent controversy.

Equatorial Guinea: Diego Menjibar’s beautiful photographs from a school for deaf children in La Fe in the port city of Bata