09 January 2022

Cameroon/Football: Limbé – south of Mount Cameroon which towers overhead – is the only city of the anglophone part of the country to host matches of the Africa Cup of Nations which starts today Sunday evening. There’s been a civil war raging in Cameroon’s two anglophone provinces for about five years which impacts everyday life – also in Limbé. Last week, a bomb went off. But “the authorities (say they) will keep the teams and fans totally safe during the tournament”. The BBC’s James Copnall reports from Limbé before the start of the tournament.

08 January 2022

Ethiopia: Several prominent opposition leaders – including TPLF leaders Sibhat Nega and Abay Weldu – are to be freed in an Ethiopian Xmas amnesty, a move that the governments intends to help achieve national reconciliation.

South Africa/archaeology: Findings in the Ga-Mohana Hill North Rockshelter near Kuruman, in the Northern Cape provide evidence that 105,000 years ago (when water was more abundant), some humans already lived far away from the coast. The rockshelter is thought to have been a place of spiritual significance then and is still so today.