06 December 2021

Nigeria: The rights group Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) “has asked the court for ‘an order of perpetual injunction’ to restrain the government from unlawfully shutting down telecommunication networks in any part of the country”.
BBC Africa Live 06 December 2021. 8:32

Nigeria: On top of 10 countries from southern Africa, the UK’s travel red list now also includes Nigeria – people who wish to enter Britain “will have to pay for and self-isolate in a pre-booked government-approved hotel for 10 days”.
BBC Africa Live 06 December 2021. 4:37

Madagascar: The trial against 21 – one of them a former advisor of Andry Rajoelina – accused of plotting to assassinate the President and attempt a putsch opens today.
BBC Africa Live 06 December 2021. 5:57

Soil: Soil is not dirt but very precious. A The Conversation podcast of 19’13’’ interviewing two soil scientists.

Malaria: According to the WHO, there have been 14 million more malaria cases in 2020 due to disruption of health services caused by Covid and about 45,000 additional deaths because of malaria treatment and prevention being disrupted.
BBC Africa Live 06 December 2021. 15:22

Ethiopia: Without elaborating further, TPLF leader Debretsion Gebremichael says that the Tigrayan forces have withdrawn partly from Afar and Amhara regions.
BBC Africa Live 06 December 2021. 12:50

05 December 2021

France/Africa: Macron’s “neo-colonial arrogance” has certainly contributed to the recent exploded unpopularity of France in Africa, but the roots of this anti-French sentiment go back to ‘Françafrique’ protecting vested interests with no regard for human rights or transparency. While Barkhane has been largely unsuccessful against jihadists, “a significant proportion of local public opinion feels that France, as a high-tech Western military power, should have been able to ‘sort’ the problem and should now get out of the way if it cannot do so.”