19 December 2021

Sudan: Protests against the army staying in power have mobilised hundreds of thousands across Sudan and especially in Khartoum. The security forces responded with tear gas.

Central African Republic: The EU, which this week decided sanctions against the Russian mercenary group Wagner that it accuses of human rights abuses in CAR, has suspended its military training mission because of government troops’ links to Wagner. “Wagner operatives, as well as government forces, have raped and robbed unarmed civilians in the country's rural areas, the UN and French say.” In Africa, Wagner is also active in Libya, Sudan, Mozambique and maybe soon in Mali. In CAR, where they have been present since 2017, there may be more than 2,000 Wagner mercenaries according to the UN, though Russia admits to only 550.

17 December 2021

Congo-Kinshasa: The latest Ebola outbreak in the country – which made six dead – has been declared over. A vaccination campaign (using Everbo Ebola vaccine) immediately after discovery of the first case helped contain the outbreak. “Stronger disease surveillance and community involvement are key in preventing future outbreak”.
BBC Africa Live 17 December 2021. 6:31

Ethiopia: Stating that all sides in the ongoing conflict are committing severe violations, “(t)he United Nations Human Rights Council has ordered an international investigation into abuses”.
BBC Africa Live 17 December 2021. 15:23