31 August 2021

Tchad/Nigeria/Cameroon/Central African Republic: Gun violence, killings, looting of livestock, rape and kidnapping in the region could well increase further with illicit arms trade increasing since Idriss Déby’s death. There seems to be little reason for optimism.

South Africa: The National Energy Regulator having approved procurement of 2,500 MW of nuclear power, the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy has announced that it plans to put out the tender by March 2022. Energy experts think there are better ways than nuclear power for solving the country’s energy crisis.
BBC Africa Live 31 August 2021. 12:26

30 August 2021

Zambia: The new President has replaced top commanders of army and police. “The new office bearers”, he said, “must have the interest of the people at heart and serve the country diligently while ensuring human rights, freedoms and liberties are respected”.
BBC Africa Live 30 August 2021. 6:43

Ethiopia: Beyond the human costs, the Tigray war has also come at huge economic costs. Prices have gone up, especially food prices, the exchange rate has fallen, and military expenditure is weighing heavily on the budget. GDP growth is expected to slow to 2% (from 6% in 2020), the lowest level for 20 years. Internationally, Ethiopia's reputation as a place to invest has suffered. The trade deficit and external indebtedness are expected to worsen substantially.