08 May 2023

Kenya: To “engage the public more”: that’s the main thing that needs to be changed if a 2017 law banning plastic bags is to be followed more consistently. Plus environmental education.

SADC/Congo-Kinshasa: After East Africa southern Africa’s SADC will also send troops to eastern Congo. The Windhoek summit urged Kinshasa to make sure a coordinated approach was implemented.
BBC Africa Live 08 May 2023. 17:27

Congo-Kinshasa: Following floods and landslides, more than 400 bodies have been recovered. Many more are expected as many are missing. A day of national mourning has been declared.
BBC Africa Live 08 May 2023. 10:44

07 May 2023

Chad: Rebuilding and reconciling the country are not getting on – the Doha talks and the Inclusive and Sovereign National Dialogue didn’t do what they were meant to. “Progress on a return to constitutional order and transfer of power to civilians has also faltered.” The coup two years ago was a power grab, nothing else, and authorities are not interested in human rights or constitutionality, as long as they have France’s military and diplomatic support.