06 March 2023

South Africa: According to the authors’ research (by means of a WhatsApp survey), there are “significant numbers of LGBTI+ migrants and asylum seekers” in South Africa – which (albeit for the most part only in theory) recognizes “persecution based on gender and sexuality as legitimate grounds for asylum” – and these LGBTI+ migrants and asylum seekers are “more dispersed and diverse than previously thought”, i.e., they do by no means all live in ‘gay-friendly’ Jo’burg or Cape Town.

Joseph Kony/LRA: Since 2017, Washington and Kampala are no longer trying to find him, saying he and his Lord’s Resistance Army no longer is a relevant security problem. But the International Criminal Court still wants him. His whereabouts are unknown. Somewhere in the jungles of the Central African Republic? Or in Sudan? The article tells what is known about this Acholi (who live in northern Uganda and were persecuted by Museveni after he took power) who sowed terror in northern Uganda for two decades before crossing over to Sudan, Congo-Kinshasa, Central African Republic. Kony claimed to be trying to establish “a theocratic state based on the biblical 10 commandments and Acholi tradition”.

05 March 2023

Ghana/Old Photographs: The article shows some of the 50,000 images of the Deo Gratias archive, formerly called JK Bruce-Vanderpuije’s studio, founded 100 years ago in the centre of Accra when it was the capital of Gold Coast. The beautiful old photographs “tell the Ghanaian story” over the last 100 years, mostly through “unknown people”.

Mali: Two Red Cross workers have been kidnapped on the road between Gao and Kidal (east of the country).
BBC Africa Latest Updates 05 March 2023. 8:52